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A Tale of Two Seas – Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea’s Narration on What is Life and the Importance of Giving and Sharing

All have heard of Dead Sea in school.
No one ever told me this side of the story.
You may find it interesting..

A tale of Two Seas!!

As you probably recall, the Dead Sea is really a Lake, not a sea.
It’s so high in salt content that the human body can float easily. You can almost lie down and read a book! The salt in the Dead Sea is as high as 35% – almost 10 times the normal ocean water. And all that saltiness has meant that there is no life at all in the Dead Sea.
No fish.
No vegetation.
No sea animals.
Nothing lives in the Dead Sea. And hence the name: Dead Sea.

The other Sea is the Sea of Galilee. Turns out that the Sea of Galilee is just north of the Dead Sea. Both the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea receive their water from River Jordan. And yet, they are very, very different.

Unlike the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee is pretty, resplendent with rich, colorful marine life. There are lots of plants. And lots of fish too. In fact, the Sea of Galilee is home to over twenty different types of fishes.

Same region, same source of water, and yet while one sea is full of life, the other is dead.

How come?

Here’s apparently why.
The River Jordan flows into the Sea of Galilee and then flows out. The water simply passes through the Sea of Galilee in and then out – and that keeps the sea healthy and vibrant, teeming with marine life.

But the Dead Sea is so far below the mean sea level, that it has no outlet. The water flows in from the river Jordan, but does not flow out. There are no outlet streams.
It is estimated that over 7 million tons of water evaporate from the Dead Sea every day. Leaving it salty. Too full of minerals. And unfit for any marine life.

The Dead Sea takes water from the River Jordan, and holds it. It does not give.

No life at all.

Think about it.

Moral :
Life is not just about getting.
It’s about giving.
We all need to be a bit like the Sea of Galilee.

We are fortunate to get wealth, knowledge, love and respect.
The love and the respect, the wealth and the knowledge could all evaporate. Like the water in the Dead Sea.
Open the taps. And you’ll open the floodgates to happiness.
Make that a habit to share.


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