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Anger Management And Stress Relief

Sunday 14 June, 2020.

How often do you get really angry?

If I had to ask you about anger management and stress relief, what would you say?

Does anger contribute to your stress levels? Is anger a cause of stress in your life?

Anger management
 is an important part of stress management…

Even though conscious anger is sometimes appropriate, anger is usually an habitual reaction and causes all sorts of stress problems.

What Happens When You Get Angry

Anger is an emotional state, a response to threat. If you are prone to anger, you may experience events as more stressful than do others. And when you think you are under threat, your body goes into flight/fight response

When the brain decides to stay and fight, the hypothalamus gives the signal for noradrenalin to be released into your system. This prepares your body for fighting…

Aggression, anger and hostility are the emotional hallmarks of fighting behaviour.

If you were a cat we might see you baring your teeth, hissing, showing claws and raising your fur. Humans show similar behaviour – we make threatening noises and gestures, stand erect and clench our teeth. All this is done with the aim to scare off our attacker! But seldom do you need to actually fight your foe and you are left with the fight hormone running through your body, causing all sorts of uncomfortable side-effects

  • Did you know that suppressed anger is still an anger pattern in the system and has an effect on the lining of the stomach? The lining goes white in rage and the normal blood vessels are restricted. This affects the digestion of your food and you can suffer from stomach upsets and gastritis, and can even end up with a gastric ulcer.

  • The noradrenalin released by constant reaction to anger causes your blood pressure to increase which stimulates your heart and pushes your blood pressure up even further.

  • Cholesterol gets pushed into your system to give you extra energy. This can attach itself to your artery walls and eventually cause a block or clot.

Obviously the suppression of anger is not a good anger management technique!

Preventing it from arising in the first place is the best remedy and there are anger management exercises and tips which can help you to cope with anger management and stress relief.

What Makes You Angry?

Do you need anger management and stress relief?

Perhaps you are a Type A personality and some situations generate a surge of hostility?

  • Is road rage a regular part of your daily drive? You cannot get out and clobber the irritating driver in front of you but your body still produces the fight hormone.
  • Do shopping queues or any other types of delay make your blood boil?

  • Could you just ‘kill’ when someone steals your parking place?

  • Do you get really irritated when someone puts the toilet roll on the wrong way?

Or do you have excessive bouts of anger with damaging results? Could you be suffering from anger disorder or IED?

Why You Need Anger Management And Stress Relief Tips

Irritation, anger and hostility generated and aimed at others harms the very person you least expect it to – yourself! It is normal to feel angry about things you cannot control or change but you can benefit from ‘unlearning’ this response and taking a different approach to life….

How do you do this?

How To Manage Anger

  • Is your ‘bad anger habit’ too quick to let you apply anger management techniques? It is important to learn how to release – ‘letting off steam’ first – which will gradually lead to a calmer you. Learn how to release your anger safely and effectively with tips on how to release anger. A good way to begin your anger management and stress relief program.

  • Identifying the cause of anger can help you to deal with it more effectively.

  • Do this quick and easy anger test to test your anger and irritation pattern.

  • Sometimes just reading the feelings of others helps us to see our emotions in a different light. I always enjoy quotes and sayings that inspire. I hope these quotes about anger give you a lift.

  • Enjoying a good sense of humor and realizing that laughter really is the best medicine is a great anger management technique. You cannot have a good laugh and be cross at the same time. It is important that we learn to laugh at ourselves. Find out more about the positive effects of laughter.

  • Think positively. Learn to learn from your mistakes. Be an optimist rather than a pessimist. You will find yourself feeling less defensive and less angry.

  • We love using a mindful awareness meditation for anger. Combine this simple anger management technique with essential oils and learn to enjoy being in control of your emotions.

  • I always reach for a good book! There are many on anger management and stress relief but I can highly recommend Angry All the Time: An Emergency Guide to Anger Control

  • Have a look at these useful tips on how to manage anger and be prepared next time the hot wave of irritation overtakes you.


I don’t know about you – but I am a lot happier and less stressed when I am not angry or nursing hurt feelings or paying for the consequences of my anger.

Anger management and stress relief can make your everyday living better.

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