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Aromatherapy Bath Blends

Wednesday 03 April, 2013.

Aromatherapy bath blends is one of the best ways to use aromatherapy.

Taking an essential oil bath is one of the great easy relaxation techniques. Showers serve their purpose, but a bath is definitely a treatment; taking time to soak in a hot tub can totally change the way you feel about yourself and the world around you.

Here are six lovely bath blends to fill your bathroom with exotic aromas.

Aromatherapy Bath Blends

For Mornings

These blends will wake you up, energize you and improve your mood.

  • Green Goddess: 3 drops Rosemary. 3 drops Petitgrain.
  • Bright and Alright: 4 drops Frackinsense. 2 drops lemon.
  • Beat the Blues: 3 drops Sweet Orange. 3 drops Manderin.

For Evenings

These essential oil bath blends are relaxing and nurturing to body and senses – perfect for pampering yourself!

  • Cleopatra’s Garden: 3 drops Manderin. 3 drops Sandalwood.
  • Tropical Rain: 2 drops Ylang Ylang. 4 drops Rosewood.
  • Orange Surprise: 3 drops Sweet Orange. 3 drops Petitgrain.
  • Twilight Magic: 3 drops lavender. 3 drops Frankincense.
  • Sweet Dreams: 3 drops Geranium. 3 drops lavender.

Tips for Using Essential Oils

  • Make sure they come in dark glass bottles – this protects them from the sunlight, which causes them to deteriorate.
  • The shelf life for most oils is to one year from the time that you open them. Citrus oils like orange, lemon or mandarin, only last six months.
  • Keep your oils in a dark, cool, dry place with the lids firmly on.
  • Make sure they are out of the reach of children.

Source: TEN MINUTE STRESS BUSTER by Jennie Harding

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