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Benefits Of Yoga

Tuesday 09 August, 2016.

Do you know the benefits of yoga for stress relief?
There are many, and well-worth the effort.

Not only will you benefit spiritually – there are also physical benefits as well as mental improvement.

Science Supports the Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been subject to rigorous medical research. It’s benefits have been confirmed in more than 100 studies…

Here are some of the findings – just to convince you to add some of the yoga techniques into your stress relief program.

    • Arthritis – Gentle stretching exercises that move sore joints through their full range of motion are key to managing arthritis.
    • Asthma – Studies show that yoga helps people with asthma reduce the amount of medication that they take and gain control over their breathing by relaxing the respiratory system. This reduces the likelihood of asthma attacks. Yoga breathing techniques will show you how to begin yoga breathing.
    • Bad moods and low energy levels – A 1993 British study tested 3 different types of relaxation – chair sitting, visualization and 30 minutes of yga – on 71 people of varying ages. Yoga produced the greatest increase in feelings of alertness, mental and physical energy and general enthusiasm.
    • Diabetes – People with diabetes who are not on insulin may still have trouble regulating their sugar levels. An experiment conducted in India found that yoga helped non-insulin diabetes sufferers to normalize their blood glucose levels, reducing their need for medication.
    • Pain – A report in the International Journal of Psychosomatics urges physicians to recommend yoga for the management of chronic pain.
    • Stress – Most people who practice yoga regularly usually say that it helps them control everyday stresses, anxiety and tension. Yoga also keeps you more fit and healthy. More benefits of yoga include improved lung function, reduced blood pressure and improved hand steadiness.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of yoga?

Start with some simple yoga positions for beginners. This is an easy way to add yoga to your daily relaxation practice.

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