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Bereavement Definition

Bereavement Definition

Saturday 06 August, 2016.

A bereavement definition, what is bereavement, definition of bereavement that answers your questions, all you need to know about bereavement.

Bereavement will be part of our lives no matter who or where you are.

We will experience loss in different ways and in different stages of our lives…

This is a given!

We might experience the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship, the loss of a pet, the loss of a parent due to death, the loss of a home because of relocation or other factors…

The loss of a child due to leaving home…

Loss is a part of our human experience.

And we need to know that it is important to grieve that loss in an appropriate way…

Even bereavement that is experienced due to positive circumstances, like a child leaving home to study further, needs to be acknowledged and grieved.

Definition of Bereavement

The definition of bereavement is essentially the state that we experience after having been deprived of someone or something.

Bereavement that extends over a long period of time may be considered serious or complicated or overwhelming. It may need intervention.

Bereavement is a complex process that is normally considered normal. It is accompanied by many emotional reactions, thoughts and behavioral responses. In the course of bereavement you may experience sadness, anger, or relief. You may also feel the urge to withdraw from other people or to seek out social support. These reactions are all normal and you should not be scared to admit or face your emotions.

Coping with Bereavement

Everyone feels grief in their own way, but there are certain stages to the process of mourning.

It is important to recognize that you need to go through the stages of grief  in order to heal from bereavement.

It starts with recognizing a loss and continues until a person eventually accepts that loss.

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