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Bereavement Poems

Bereavement poems can help you to express your feelings at a time when words fail you.

Bereavement poetry can say things in a way that offers comfort, insight and solace at times of loss and grief…

Poetry about loss and grief can also help you to understand your loss from a different perspective.

We all have to suffer loss at some stage of our lives…

It may be a beloved partner, a parent, a child or a pet. Each loss is unique and the grief and loss needs to be dealt with.

I have found that poetry has a way of bringing comfort and a sense of connection to a bigger pattern, no matter the circumstances.

Here are some of my favourite bereavement poems. I hope you enjoy them and find relief from your loss.

Click on the subject line to take you to the particular poem.

Top 8 Grief And Bereavement Poems

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Bereavement Poems


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