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Brilliance Colour Energy

Friday 05 August, 2016.

Brilliance colour energy represents universal intelligence.

How to use colour vibrations for stress relief and healing.

Colour therapy simple tips and techniques.

Brilliance represents the universal intelligence and its source is the sun.


brilliance colour energy


Created when all rays of colour come together in perfect balance, it is the light from which all colour springs; the light seen in near-death experiences.

About Brilliance Colour Energy

Brilliance itself is not a colour; it is the original or cosmic light. If you add a touch of brilliance to any colour, it will become brighter…

Without brilliance there can be no vision. Brilliance cuts directly through to the truth. It is the hard light that exposes all flaws and corruption.

Brilliance colour energy contains the essence of all qualities, both positive and negative. All sparkles in the brilliance of perfection. It clears the way for necessary actions.

Brilliance clears any cloudiness in a person or over-dominance of any one colour.

To recharge yourself at any time simply visualize pure brilliant light.

When you say that someone is “brilliant”, you are really acknowledging his or her purity of vision and action.

energy healing

Brilliance Captured In Clear Crystals Inspires Clear Thoughts

Brilliance And the Body

The lymphatic system and the tissues that filter out the debris from the body relate to brilliance.

Crystal clear water is pure liquid brilliance: bathing in a waterfall is the equivalent of standing under a cascade of clear light. Another way to use brilliance colour energy is to stand in front of an open window, o go outside and take a brief sunshine bath.

Brilliance Colour Energy And Stress Relief

    • Brilliance will bring a ray of hope to your life when all is lost.
    • It can also bring change, and allows the delusions of your life to dissolve. You will see situations clearly and it will allow you to wipe the slate clean.
    • Applying brilliance may bring about a move to a new home, a change of job, or an inner transformation.


energy of brilliance

Brilliance Surrounds The Whole Body


More About Using Colour



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