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Can’t Get To Sleep?

Getting a good nights sleep is essential for stress relief!

You can’t get to sleep!

You toss and turn and minutes feel like hours! It seems as if everyone else can go to sleep, and sleep well – except you!

Ever happen to you?…


Second step – Read on…

About “Enough Sleep”

  • Getting A Good Nights Sleep

    A good night’s sleep is a period of profound rest that is essential for your physical and emotional well-being. Time spent sleeping is often the best way to recover from illness or cope with stress. When sleeping your body will repair and regenerate itself, and your mind can resolve problems through dreams. When you can’t get to sleep, you deprive yourself of all the benefits of sleep.

  • What Is Sleep

    Sleep is a naturally occurring state of unconsciousness, when the electrical activity of the brain is more rhythmical than when you are awake and reacts less to stimuli. There are 2 basic sleep states: deep sleep, known as non-REM. It is during non-REM that your body repairs itself. Non-REM is interrupted by episodes of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, when most dreaming takes place.

  • How Much Sleep?

    Just because you can’t get to sleep does not mean that you will suffer from sleep deprivation

    The amount of sleep necessary to be fully rested varies for each one of us. And it decreases with age. Most adults get by on seven to eight hours sleep, though some sleep experts claim we need more. The elderly can function on five or six hours a night.

  • Sleep Problems

    Sleep is one of the first things to suffer when you are stressed. And, too little sleep will make you tired and irritable. A lack of sleep is itself a stress factor!…It is all too easy to slip into a cycle of sleeplessness that is difficult to break…

    Think about what you gain from insomnia

    Your quick response is probably, “I don’t gain anything. I hate my sleep problem.” Of course you do, but you still might use it as an excuse for poor productivity, ill-health, tardiness, sympathy… Try and work to resolve those issues and you might find that you get a good night’s sleep. There are many kinds of sleeplessness, including not being able to go to sleep, frequent waking, and waking too early in the morning.


DIY Sleep Enhancers

    • Don’t go to bed hungry, but avoid large meals before bedtime.
    • Bananas, milky drinks and whole meal biscuits are calming foods and ideal for eating before you go to sleep.
    • Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine all disturb sleep. drink a cup of warm herbal tea before bedtime – chamomile is my favorite.
    • Exercise during the day will remove stress hormones from your body and help you to feel more relaxed at bedtime. But avoid exercise at least three hours before bedtime.
    • Make sure your bedroom is dark enough. Invest in darker blinds or shades to shut out the light.
    • Change the energy in your bedroom for a better night’s sleep. Feng shui bedroom tips will show you how.
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