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Cleansing Diet For Constipation

Tuesday 09 August, 2016.

Try this cleansing diet for constipation and learn how to use natural home remedies to treat constipation naturally. A simple detox plan to get you regular again.

Constipation is another dis-ease of the western lifestyle – too much refined and processed food, excess meat and dairy products, not enough fibre and a lack of exercise. Stress and anxiety also add to the problem of a sluggish digestive system.

Other dis-eases due to infrequent bowel movements include headaches, gas, insomnia, indigestion, bad breath, body odour, skin problems, and sinusitis. So before you rush off to treat the symptom, try and treat the cause. A simple cleansing diet for constipation might just clear up some other health problems!

Cleansing Diet For Constipation

One of the most effective remedies for treating constipation is with your diet. Start with a three-day juice cleansing fast.

cleansing diet for constipation
  • This involves an intake of raw vegetable and fruit juice and water only.

  • Have between 32 and 64 ounces of juice per day during the fast.

  • Sip the juice throughout the day and not necessarily at your usual mealtimes.

  • Include the juice of apple, celery, carrot, cabbage, kale, pineapple, cranberry, spinach, beetroot, and greens. Citrus fruits are best avoided due to their acidity.

  • Make sure you include 6 glasses of room temperature or warm filtered water in addition to the juice.

  • It is best to use freshly juiced fruits and vegetables, but if this is difficult, you can buy juice from a health food store or juice bar. Make sure it is as fresh as possible.

  • Include a wide combination of fruits and vegetables as possible.

Follow this juice fast with a three day apple and apple juice mono diet, and take two tablespoons of olive oil on the evening of the third day.

Remember to ease yourself gradually back into a normal eating routine, making sure that you maintain a diet high in raw vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Drink eight glasses of water or herb teas daily (black teas, coffee and alcohol don’t count).

More Tips On How to Treat Constipation

  • Take a teaspoon of olive oil daily before breakfast for chronic constipation, and one to two ounces as a laxative. Blackstrap molasses can be taken in the same way.

  • Two glasses of cold water before breakfast, or warm water with lemon juice, will stimulate the bowels.

  • For a laxative action, include dried apricots, raw sauerkraut, raw spinach, dried figs, papaya, spanish onion, garlic, two or three fresh tomatoes eaten before breakfast, half a cup of bamboo shoots per day, okra and persimmons.

  • Drinking a cup of prune juice or eating half a cup of stewed prunes on an empty stomach will stimulate your bowels.

For more simple steps that you can take to make your bowels regular and healthy, have a look at natural constipation remedies.

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