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Colour For Your Home | Colour Guide

Tuesday 14 April, 2020.

Do you know how to choose colour for your home?
Do you want easy tips on what to check when deciding which colours to use?

Choosing colour for your home should be fun, but should also be a serious undertaking as colour can affect the moods and emotions of all those who live in the space that you create.

Colour breathes life into a home. It can warm or cool, calm or excite you. Clever use of colour can make small rooms feel more spacious or cavernous rooms appear cosy.

Colour affects your state of mind and can even be used to cure illnesses and relieve stress. Colour therapists believe in the healing power of coloured light. The treatment involves shining coloured lights on the affected parts of the body, with each colour having it’s own specialist area of healing activity. Colour is used for emotional, physical and spiritual healing, often in combination with crystal colours, astrology, acupuncture and traditional Eastern healing techniques…

You can be your own ‘colour therapist’ when you choose colour for your home by exploring the way different colours make you feel, and understanding how to use colour as a tool for stress relief and other needs.

Have a look at our chakra colour chart and feng shui colours for rooms for some great tips on how to use colour for your home.

Tips For Colour For Your Home

  • When choosing colours for your home, consider the amount of sunlight in each room. It is important that the glow from the sun’s beams is available for you to enjoy. The sun is a great source of colour and healing energy. Allowing sunlight to flood into dark corners also rids a room of it’s staleness and can also kill bacteria. I know that sunshine always makes me feel happy and lifts my mood.

  • When you are decorating, think about the effects of colour, how the room will be used, and also about the people who will use it: do they have any problems that could be helped or worsened by your colour choices? What are their aims and ambitions? Our feng shui color chart will help you choose appropriate colours.

  • Consider the size and shape of each room: the stronger the colour, the smaller the room will seem. And smaller rooms tend to look more spacious if you use a single pale colour. Colours become more intense in larger areas and a strong colour can make a room feel claustrophobic.

  • Colours have both positive and negative associations and each has it’s own particular energyHave fun with the colour chart below– see what colour associations feel good for you and use those elements when choosing colour for your home. Click on the colour block to read more about the energy of each colour.

Colour Associations













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