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Control Negative Thoughts

Wednesday 10 August, 2016.Your ability to control negative thoughts could be the difference between health and sickness.

It is true…

Research shows that negative thoughts actually affect your brain differently to positive ones…

So how do you do it?

Here are 5 simple steps to control negative thoughts before they control you…

  • Counter them – recall a time when you felt calm and self-assured.
  • Keep perspective – things mostly aren’t as bad as they first seem.
  • Separate your thoughts – don’t let them become a jumble.
  • Stay rational – don’t let panic drain your energy.
  • Look for positives – there is often a way to turn around a bad situation.

Stress and Negative Thoughts

Stress is often caused by our perception of a situation. If you can control negative thoughts, then you can manage stress so much more effectively.

Cognitive therapy is an excellent way of helping you to see your life in a more positive way. And you don’t necessarily need a therapist…

Have a look at our helpful DIY cognitive therapy advice.

Browse through our site for tips and techniques on everyday relaxation and stress relief.

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Some Tips

    • Want more passion in your life? Change the energy template in your living space and attract what you are looking for. Click here for fun ideas!
    • Remember to breathe…Slowly and Consciously! …All stress relief, including the relaxation response begins with the breath!


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