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“Easy Ways How-To…” Questions and Answers


Lists of 10 easy ways how to do almost anything…

Looking for a short answer? Don’t have time to surf the net or read a hundred articles? But you want good advice? And need a simple how-to tip…


easy ways how to lists

Our easy ways how-to lists are here to take the stress out of searching for the best easy ways how to do things. Of course, this is a work in progress, and starts with your questions…

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“10 Easy Ways How To…” Lists

Question 1

“I have a history of high cholesterol in my family. I am not at the stage where I have to take medication to control it, but would like to take preventative measures before the drug stage. Do you have any stress free natural suggestions for keeping my cholesterol levels healthy?” Thanks, Mandy.


Question 2

“My friend gave me a lavender products gift pack. I love the scent and have used the lavender bath salts but would love to know of other ways in which I can use lavender aromatherapy. Easy and simple, please!” Toni


Question 3

“Can you help me? I can’t get to sleep. I am tired when I go to bed but struggle to fall asleep. I get really upset because I need to feel refreshed and awake when I get up, and yet I lie awake worrying about not sleeping. I would rather try self-help insomnia tips at this stage.” Tom


Question 4“I am going mad! My partner snores! I usually end up sleeping on the sofa which doesn’t make me very happy and makes me tired and grumpy the next day. He says I should wake him, but this isn’t a solution either. We both need a good night’s sleep. Do you have any simple suggestions how to stop snoring?” Deena


Question 5“Heartburn is keeping me awake and I am dreading the festive season. Sometimes the burning in my chest feels like I am having a heart attack. I prefer not to take medication. Do you have any simple tips that I can try for keeping stomach acid under control. Much appreciated, Laura



Question 6

“I loved your pages on how to feng shui my living room, bedroom etc. BUT I don’t have time for a home make-over and I don’t have much spare cash. Can you suggest some easy ways that I can do a simple feng shui treatment to my home without too much bother, but with good results. I am excited to try this technique. Thank You, Maria”



Question 7

“Help!! I have noticed the tell-tale signs of cellulite on my legs. I am not ready for invasive treatment and would like to know if there are any natural cellulite treatments that I can try. I would love to take preventative measures before it is too late. Willing to try anything, Sharna.”



Question 8

“I have not been diagnosed with clinical depression but often feel myself slipping into a black hole of misery even when there is really no reason for me to feel this way. Do you have any advice for depression treatments that I could use on a daily basis to manage my moods? Thank you, Sean.”


Question 9“We have had an awful winter! My family keeps cross-infecting each other with colds and flu. I am tired of the anti-biotic thing and wondered if you could suggest any tips for natural ways to boost the immune system so that we can try and stay healthy. Looking forward to your reply, Riana. “



Question 10

“I really enjoyed your page on best stress relief places. I was especially taken with the info on Venterstad. I want to know what else there is to do and see in the area as it sounds like a fun place to explore. Looking forward to your suggestions, Chris. “




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