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Essential Oil Synergies Oils Working Together!

What do we mean by Essential Oil Synergies?

And what are the benefits?

Nature's Stress Relievers

Essential oils extracted or distilled from plants, flowers and/or tree bark are very powerful on their own, but when carefully blended, their individual properties can be greatly enhanced.

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Some oils blended together have a mutually enhancing effect upon one another…


And mixing essential oils together to achieve a particular result can create a synergistic effect whereby the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

In other words, by adding two or more oils together, you increase their effect considerably!

For example, the anti-inflammatory action of Chamomile is supported by being mixed with Lavender.

The act of combining the undiluted (neat) essential oils forms what is known as a “synergy blend”.

The proportions of each essential oil in a blend can also be vital to the effectiveness of the remedy as a whole.


In general, oils of the same botanical family blend well together. Also those that share common constituents usually mix well, such as camphoraceous oils containing a good percentage of cineol. These include members of the Myrtacease group (Eucalyptus, Tea-Tree, Cajeput etc.).

Most floral fragrances blend well together, as do the woods, balsams, citrus oils and spices. Rosewood and Linaloe combine well together. Although they belong to different families, they both contain a high proportion of lialol and linalyl acetate.

Some oils such as Rose, Jasmine, Oakmoss and Lavender seem to enhance just about any blend. Some combinations, on the other hand, have an inhibiting power over one another.

Each essential oil blends well with members of its own family or group, or with members of a neighboring group e.g. Citrus and Floral or Spicy and Woody.

The trick lies in getting to know the character of each essential oil and then trusting your intuition.

Some examples of the different groups are:

Group A


Cedarwood, Pine, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Myrtle, Tea Tree, Rosewood


Group B


Rosemary, Clary Sage, Basil, Mint, Common Herbs

Group C


Bergamot, Lemon , Grapefruit, Orange – sweet and bitter, Lemongrass, Lemon Lime, Mandarin

Group D


Geranium, Rose, Chamomiles, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Neroli, Rose, Violet, Ylang Ylang.

Group E


Benzoin, Camphor, Frankincense, Myrrh, Galbanum

Group F


Ginger, Black Pepper, Aniseed, Anise-Star, Bay, Black Pepper, Caraway, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Coriander, Ginger, Nutmeg.



Useful Tips

• Be Careful! High concentrations of Essential Oil can produce the opposite effect. For example, if too much Lavender is used, it can cause restlessness, agitation, and insomnia rather than relaxation.

• A most important factor! Make sure that the oils you use are of therapeutic grade. Cheap fragrance oils cannot guarantee health benefits and may cause allergic reactions.

• For more tips on how to mix essential oil synergies, a good aromatherapy book can help, as can many aromatherapy sites on the internet.

• Here is my general guideline – By mixing 2-4 Essential Oils together that have the same therapeutic properties, you can create a blend that works synergistically and with more intensity than using just one oil.

• Remember to include oils from each of the “Notes” for perfect essential oil synergies.

• Refer to my list of Top 10 Favourite Oils for starters.


Then make your own list and share it with us


What is your best aromatherapy remedy/experience/recipe?
Share it with everyone!


Stuck for ideas about how to use essential oils for stress relief? Use my special blends for anxiety relief and then go from there!

Be creative!

Have Fun!



And mix your own favorite stress relieving Essential Oil synergies.

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