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Famous People With Bipolar Disorder

Do you know who are famous people with bipolar disorder?

Famous people with bipolar disorder include Queen Victoria, Axel Rose, Stephen Fry and Kurt Cobain.

What are bipolar symptoms and how does bipolar depression affect you?

When you are struggling with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and depression, life can seem hopeless and the future blurred. It can be inspirational to learn that someone famous, someone who has achieved apparent success understands the same battles.

I hope you enjoy reading about famous people with bipolar disorder and resolve to make the best of the life that you live. Be sure to go to the bottom of the page for more information on bipolar disorder.

Famous People With Bipolar Disorder

Samuel Taylor Coleridge – the British poet and contemporary of Wordsworth sought refuge in the house of a London physician as part of his fight against depression. he described his experience with bipolar disorder as…

“A grief without a pang, a void dark and drear, A drowsy, stiffled, unimpassioned grief, Which finds no natural outlet or relief In word, or sigh or tear.”


Queen Victoria: the imposing British monarch is reported to have gone into deep depression after the death of her husband, Prince Albert. The depression is said to have lasted for 40 years.

Winston Churchill: Britain’s wartime leader called his bleak moods his “black dog”. He was especially susceptible to depression during times of stress.

Edgar Allan Poe: the father of the modern detective story suffered from symptoms of bipolar depression. His stories are still highly regarded and enjoyed by many.

Sylvia Plat: the young American poet suffered from severe depression.

Vincent Van Gogh: the greatest of the Post-impressionist painters suffered from bipolar disorder.

Spike Milligan: famous and much loved comedian had this to say about his experience with bipolar depression disorder…

“It is like a light switch. I feel suddenly turned off. There is a tiredness, a feeling of complete lethargy. There may be something unexpectedly stressful – one of my daughters having a row with my wife, not talking to each other, something like that, which I find grossly unsettling… and then I find I am getting depressed. It just goes bang like that and I find I am in the grip of it again and I just can’t shrug it off.”


Other Famous People With Bipolar Disorder

  • Richard II
  • Henry VI
  • George III
  • Philip V of Spain
  • William Cowper
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Graham Greene
  • John Ogden
  • Tracy Emin
  • Abraham Lincoln

You will be surprised at just how many famous people have battled with bipolar disorder – Click here to see a list.

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