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Tuesday 14 April, 2020.Feng Shui Beginners offers you tips And techniques to destress your living space. Could be as simple as moving a bed…

Sometimes it can really be as easy as moving a bed, or adding a mirror or a plant to shift the energy…

Feng shui beginners can have fun shopping here.

Feng Shui (pronounced ‘fung shway’) is known as the Chinese art of placement

It is about interpreting your environment and then using a number of approaches to connect and work with the energy or “feel” of a place to make it work for those living or working there. Provided you understand the principles, the different approaches will be effective. Even feng shui beginners can be really effective in changing the “feeling” of their space and thereby creating a more stress free environment…

The purpose of feng shui is to create environments in which chi (energy) flows smoothly to achieve physical and mental health. The idea is that where energy flows gently and smoothly through a house, the occupants will have an easier passage through life…

Sounds good to me! How about you?

Where the energy moves sluggishly or becomes stuck, then the chances are that problems and stress will occur in the day-to-day life or long-term prospects of those living there.

Your space that you live, work, sleep and relax in, is filled with energy. This energy can work with you or work against you; add to your stress OR relax you…

You can really practice stress relief on the space that you use! This section of our site contains excellent tips for doing just that! you can manage stress much more effectively if your home feels relaxed and calm…

Have a look at feng shui tips for great ideas on how to change your space to facilitate your dreams and desires. I have great fun using these feng shui beginners techniques to play around with the feel of my home.

Sometimes the simple introduction of a wind-chime or water fountain could be all that it needs to shift the energy and change the feeling of your space. I love the fact that it is SO simple!

Enjoy our SHOPPING SECTION for really cool home accessories that can change the ‘feel’ and energy of your living space.

Use our feng shui compass or bagua to make sure that you know which areas of your home or office represent important are in your life…

The bagua or template is used to plot the areas in your space that correspond to particular aspects of your life. Once you know which areas need tweaking, use the feng shui beginners tips to introduce elements into your living space to make it attract what you need…

Want more ROMANCE in your life?…

Make sure that you look at our feng shui bedroom tips! Maybe a simple change could completely change the flow of energy through your bedroom and give you the kind of experience you are looking for… It is worth a try!

Feng Shui elements are also interesting! The Chinese recognise five elements and, ideally, there should be a balance of all five in your living space for the enegy to flow smoothly…

Color is another simple way that feng shui beginners can use to destress your space. Colors are associated with the elements and definitely affect how comfortable we are in different environments.

You can make feng shui as simple or as complex as you choose!…

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for my recommended links to more detailed information.

And be sure to have a look at our navigation bar on the left of the page. See what stress relief techniques appeal to you, and then organise a daily relaxation programme for yourself. DIY stress relief is effective, fun and really beneficial! (A color visualization is one of my favourite stress relief tools.)

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