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Feng Shui Front Door

Wednesday 15 April, 2015.

Feng shui front door, how to use feng shui in the home to make your front door bring energy or chi into your home.

10 Feng Shui tips on front door colour and decor.

Good feng shui in the home means a house with good energy. A house with good energy will support you in all aspects of your life — health, good relationships, prosperity and success in your work or career…

And the feng shui front door is the best, and most simple, place to apply the feng shui tips for making your home a sanctuary that reflects and supports your needs and style.

The primary entrance to your house is called the “mouth of chi” in feng shui. It is an extremely important area to focus on because so much of the energy that comes into your house comes through this primary entrance.

So read through the tips below, think about the colour that suits you, grab a cleaning kit, paint brush and paint, pot plants or bright light to make your entrance a feng shui front door that makes you feel good to come home.

Feng Shui Front Door Tips

Generally, whether your front entrance is small or large, fully landscaped or decorated with just a few potted plants, make sure that your feng shui front door has:

  1. adequate lighting
  2. an brightly painted or interesting front door
  3. a clean-swept stoop
  4. plants that soften the angles of the house

Here are a few simple ways to make the most of what’s good about your front entrance and how to overcome any existing problems.

  • Keep your front door or entrance clear from obstructions such as refuse sacks, trees and kids play things. Being the source of chi you don’t want to block vital energy from entering the home. Keep the front area by the door clean and attractive, wash floors and pick up shoes or boots. Make sure the front door opens smoothly and quietly. Do not store anything behind the entrance or front door so it swings widely open inviting opportunity. If you have glass windows in your door, keep them clean and sparkling.
  • Make sure the front lock and handle work well and smoothly. Fix the doorbell if it does not work or replace an annoying bell with one of a pleasing sound. make sure that the door can swing open all the way inside, with no coat hangers or anything else behind it.
  • Use your front entrance. Many people come through the garage nowadays and the front entrance is hardly used. This means that all that positive chi waiting to enter your home has nowhere to go – it’s wasted chi and therefore represents wasted opportunities. So, get used to using your front door as the main entry point to your home.
  • Brighten your feng shui front door with live plants. Even a single pot plant can make all the difference. Plants or flowers in the entrance attract blooming possibilities. Remove unhealthy plants immediately.
  • wall directly in front of the front door stops the chi from moving through. People can feel overwhelmed and that life is a struggle. A landscape picture which attracts the eye will give the illusion of drawing you into the main part of the house. Feng shui mirror placement will show you how to place a mirror or two to redirect the energy through your house.
  • Make sure that you have adequate lighting in the front door area so opportunity can find a way into your home. Install bright lights on either side of the doorway to lift the energy of the entrance with positive, yang energy. You can also use lighting to lift chi inside the front door so that your guests feel uplifted on entering your space.
  • Redo the pathway. A curving path to your front door is better than a straight path as the chi has a chance to meander with the curves (symbolic of you going with the flow). Straight lines quicken the chi flow and can often overpower the entrance to your home. The wider the path to your door (and the wider your door, too) the more energy and, symbolically, the more money can come into your house. Make your entrance look wider even if it just means adding a row of paving stones on either side of the front path. Another way to overcome this is to place an exterior ba gua mirror (with tri gram markings on the outside) on your door to deflect chi. Otherwise, a shiny brass door knocker will also do the job. You could also hang a windchime by your front door to slow chi flow (a five cylinder chime is best). Again, placing shrubs and potted plants around your front door will halt fast flowing chi. However, bushes and shrubs should not be allow to overgrow on the sides of paths.
  • Paint the front door an attractive colour. Fading or peeling paint is an indication of depleted chi so if your front door looks a bit sad give it a fresh lick of paint. Choose a colour that is different from the rest of the house, or one that appeals to you. it is simple to change if you feel it doesn’t work, but a bright shiny front door is a great energy booster. A Feng Shui entrance tip suggests a red door to attract good fortune.
  • See that your post or mail box is in good repair. Your post box represents your contact with the outside world. Any problems with your post box may again prevent opportunities from coming your way. The same goes for your doorbell.
  • A good feng shui for the home tip is for you to just get used to the feeling of your home. Spend some time standing at the front door area of the home. How does the home feel when it if first entered? That feeling is conveyed to others when they enter. Does it need brightening, calming, cleaning or does it make you feel welcome?

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