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Best Foot Massage Machine – 10 Best Foot Massagers and Foot Massage Equipment Reviewed

Foot Massage Machine | Shiatsu Foot Massage | Air Compression Massage

Are foot massage machines any good? Benefits of Foot Massage Machine?

Foot massage machines have been known to relax foot muscles and stiff soul by improving blood flow in the region which alleviate pain and stress in the foot and calves. As per acupressure and acupuncture a foot massage can help in relaxing not just calves and legs but help reduce back pain, neck pain, head ache and it also can help reduce symptoms of many diseases which are not related to foot.

Foot massage machine and other feet massage treats to pamper your feet. They become some of the greatest gifts you can give to your friend and family. Having equipment to use in a foot massage can just make the whole reflexology experience so much better!

Are foot massagers safe?

Foot massagers are safe to use and have no side effects  – provided you use them with some caution. One need to keep in mind that injured foot should not me massaged and the intensity of the massage should be what the user can handle. Overdoing it might worsen the problem. Hence there is almost no down side to using an electric foot massager.

My best relaxation technique is to massage feet – mine or a deserving friend.

What is Shiatsu Foot Massager?

Shiatsu Foot massage is a technique in which kneading and rolling is done using rolling balls. The technique is popular as it presses small balls deep in the skin and rolls them which reaches to deep aching muscles. Though it is very painful initially but after some time the user starts enjoying it as it improves the blood flow which reduces muscular stress and fatigue.

What is Air Compression Massage?

Air compression massage is a technique which is very similar to that of conventional massage where a masseuse applies pressure on you muscles. Here the massager has air pockets around the feet which inflate and deflate giving a similar experience.

How often should you use a foot massager?

There is no guideline as to how often a massager can be used. It varies from massager to massager but more importantly user to user as to how long they can bear with the pain and after how long does the massage relives you of the pain, but most massagers can be used up to 3 times a day in 30 minutes intervals.

10 best foot massage machine on Amazon you should consider for your at home use.

1. Nekteck Foot Massager – Amazon Best Seller

This is an Amazon Best seller of all time, this product has over 15000 reviews and ratings and a 4.4 average rating. The foot massager has versatile design with 6 massage heads and 18 nodes that put pressure and massages your feet in both directions.

This foot massager machine has a heat function which relaxes the sole muscles and calms you mentally by making you relax. It eases tensions and relieves foot muscle pain.

Customers have found its usage to help them with their neuropathy problems. It has also helped people alleviate knots problem and it has brought them relief in pain and stress.

It heats up well and relaxes foot muscles. People with high arches have also commented that it has some difficulty reaching few spots but little adjustment in feet position helps the massager reach those pain points.

For flat foot community – it helps them relieve tension by creating artificial arch and try and get back the structure one should have. One customer said that it really does the job of digging into the scar tissue and breaking it up – which precisely sums up all the reviews.

2. InvoSpa Pro Massage Gun – Portable Professional Massage 

This wireless hand held massager is good for “on the go” use. This massager comes with a Lithium ion battery and an average 4.5 hours run time. With 20 message modes and 6 heads to use it is not limited to foot massage but helps relax spasm in calf, hamstring, neck, shoulder, arms and back.

Its light weight design makes its use effortless. Its powerful motor delivers powerful high-penetration which send waves of relaxation and relief throughout your body.

Customers in their reviews have mentioned that it is great for stiff neck or other sore or tender muscles like foot, calf, hamstrings, lower and upper back. Reviewing the design of the product they have mentioned that it is easy to hold it because of its non slip surface and the controls are easy to adjust just by sliding fingers.

Customers have also rated the battery quality really well in terms of high power output over extended period of time. Customers have commented that the massages are like that of professional ones and the interchangeable heads give variety of massages to different spots delivers pain relief in all places. There are thousands of satisfied customers for the product out of which over 23k have reviewed the product and rated it 4.4 out of 5

3. RENPHO Foot Massager Machine

With 14000+ reviews Renpho is the second best foot massage machine brand on amazon. The positives reviews on the product are testament to the credibility of brand and quality of the product.

This foot massage machine offers a deep kneading shiatsu foot massage. It is equipped with a rolling ball, rolling stick and heating element. This step in massage machine covers your entire foot for a complete foot stress relief.

It can be operated using the feather touch sensitive touch panel which offers 3 intensity modes. The detachable foot cover design makes it very hygienic to use as it can be washed and dried separately.

Customers have rated this product 4.4 out of 5 on amazon and over 14k people have reviewed it. One of them mentions that he had planter fasciitis and had to wear crocs all the time. He started using this and it hurt initially but it got much better with time. He mentions that he is seeing great improvements. His tendons are softening and bumps on tendons are gradually reducing.

Users have also mentioned that daily use of the same has helped them with neuropathy. Even marathon runners have used this product and have found that their swollen and sore feet recovered in half the time.

4. Snailax Shiatsu Electric Foot Massager

This massager from Snailax can be used as a foot massager and a back massager. Either way it is capable of relaxing muscles with its flexible Shiatsu massage nodes.

Two heat setting plays a vital role in preparing the muscles for the massage and increasing the effectiveness of the massage node rotation. With two way rotation of these 18 nodes the massager is able to cover toe to heal area of foot providing a better coverage.

Customers have really good reviews about this product as it is more budget friendly but also it can be used to massage lower and upper back as well. Though the manufacturer hasn’t mentioned this on the product but customers have used it to massage their calves, back, stomach and chest.

People mention that since the user is allowed to move around while getting the massage it helps them get to places which the fixed position massager doesn’t.

The shiatsu style machines tend to pain and bruise muscles in a much better way in less time. It provides a fairly deep massage which kind of hurts but also feel really good. Customers have mentioned that a use of even 15 mins daily have shown them good results with their lower back and foot pain.

5. QUINEAR Leg Massager – Best Sock Style Massage

This air compression based foot and calf massager uses air bags built inside the massage cover to run compression cycles. This along with the heating elements is designed to improve blood circulation in the legs and give relief to people suffering from lymphedema or neuropathy or just muscular fatigue.

The light and flexible design makes it easy to carry and store. The Velcro design makes it a free size massager meaning that one size fits all. The design is so simple and thoughtful that it can be used by professional athletes to office workers, and the operation is so easy that no matter your age you won’t need a user manual.

Customers have rated this product 4.3 out of 5 in over 4k reviews. They have mentioned that the air compression technique used is pretty straight forward and it feels like a masseuse pressing your feet and calves.

The compression sleeves works well to improve circulation in the leg and helps if you have swelling due to long standing hours. People also find it time saving as it massages feet and calves at the same time. Though it might seem difficult but it is very easy to get in and out of the sleeve. Customers find the heat settings to adequate and the power of massage air compressions to be spot on.

6. Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine – Most Powerful Shiatsu Massage

This foot and calf massage machine is versatile in its application which allows it to massage foot, ankle and calves. Though it has to be done separately but this massager does a thorough job by reaching to places which other massagers don’t.

Rolling massage, compression therapy, a sway function, heat therapy is the possible massage modes which can be opted for individually or simultaneously with varying level of intensity. Unlike other products on the market this is a much more comprehensive package and hence priced accordingly.

This high end foot and calves massager from cloud have been bought by over 50000 people and in over 6k reviews posted on the product people have rate it at a 4.5 out of 5.

They mention that the massage is very strong and it kneads yours foot like a dough, stretches the arches and wraps the feet tightly. People with plantar fasciitis and neuropathy should be careful while using this as it might be really painful for them but regular use of the same has shown great improvement for the customers with these medical conditions.

7. Foot Spa, Foot Bath Massager – Best Foot Spa 

This foot spa massager is able to treat your skin along with the muscles. The foot bath allows you soften and clear foot skin and heals. With some medicine or shampoo or soap it can treat foot skin ailments as well. The foot stone and medicine box for pedicure and exfoliation, help removing calluses, corns and dead skin.

The temperature of the water can be adjusted as per comfort which releases spasm and stress in the muscles. Rollers are manual and the foot has to be moved back and forth to massage the soul. The heated water bubbles give a relaxing sensation which helps in soothing mood and calming the mind. This foot bath massager gives you a spa like pedicure along with a professional massage.

Over a 1000 customer have reviewed this product and said that it has helped them. The water gets warm enough to make you feel relaxed and the bath is big enough to fit almost all foot sizes. Customers say that it is very cost effective considering the cost of a professional pedicure.

The Foot rollers are not motorized but works just fine in stimulating the soul and heal. The bubble effect isn’t that strong but is good enough to relax the muscles. The temperature indicator is a good addition along with the red light in the base.

8. EMS Foot Massager Rechargeable Electric Foot Stimulator – Electrical Therapeutic Massage

This portable electric muscle stimulation massager is one of its kind. Unlike other massagers which put physical pressure on the feet this induces electrical pulses which sting and based on the intensity and shape of the electrical pulse the massage experience is modified.

Though I must mention this is not meant for everyone, people with high blood pressure or pace maker should not use it. This type of massage is liked by many people as it almost instantly makes you calm and relaxes your muscles. It stimulates blood flow to your heels, arches, soles and toes. The sleek design makes it easy to carry and rechargeable batteries allow it to use anywhere you want. The product is derived from a similar physiotherapy technique which is used to treat muscular spasm.

This is a more critically rated product with over 500 reviews rating the product at 3.9 out of 5. But the technology is unique and when it comes to massage it doesn’t have enough awareness.

People who have used it say that you can actually see the difference in the colour of your feet after using it for 15 -20 mins because of the improved blood circulation. It has also helped people with stiff muscles and numbness by not just stimulating muscles but also nerves.

The product has varied intensity levels and if still not satisfied you can spray some water and improve the conductivity (The product instruction manual advises against this).

9. Human Touch Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager – Best Reflexology Foot Massage Machine

This high power reflexology massager works your claves and feet simultaneously. With its upward rolling motion it moves the blood out of the feet which improves the circulation in the region. Though it might be the bulkiest of the lot but its old school design is meant to deliver the power required to provide you a deep penetrating massage to both calves and feet.

With its different intensity and massage modes you can customize a perfect massage routine for your need. The tilt feature provides an ergonomic and relaxing position for massage.

This foot and leg massage machine is the most old school massager in the market. Robust and effective with a customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 and over 2k reviews. Customers say that the circulating massage balls really dig into ankles and calves giving a feeling of real hand massage. People with plantar fasciitis have also given thumbs up to this product as it has helped them reduce the muscular stiffness and improve blood circulation.

People also find it ergonomic in both straight and inclined position and find it easy to move around in the house. This might be the only heavy duty massager which massages upper calves. Over all it is the most heavy duty massager product available.

10. TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller – Stress Relief Tool – Best Fidget and Massage Toll

This manual foot roller is the best budget foot massager you can get. The portable design makes it easy to carry it and the basic and minimalistic functioning makes it easy to use everywhere and by any one. The intensity level can be self adjusted by pressing one’s leg on the roller and back and forth motion over them gives you the fidget that you need to relax your nerves.

It can be used at your work place or while watching television at your home. The arch design matches the natural curvature of the foot which hence it feels natural while using it. 10 rollers provide maximum coverage and large base for the feet to rest on hence it not left hanging.

This is the most versatile and economical foot massager on the market. With over 22k customers rating this product at 4.5 out of 5. Customers say that it has a very sturdy built and can be used by people with any foot size and weight.

Initially the wooden spikes hurt but after some time you get use to it and start enjoying it. It is able to stimulate the muscles and relax them. Though it might not be for the people with severe medical conditions but for most people it can help and mitigate the risk of developing those conditions.

Other Totally Great Foot Massage Equipment – Check these out

Slabway Shiatsu Foot Massager



This kneading and rolling Foot Massager helps relieve tension fatigue and spasm of your feet with traditional shiatsu and reflexology therapy. The Slabway foot massage machine is known for its deep kneading, squeezing, rolling & scraping, shiatsu massage with heating for feet, calves, legs, soles, toes, ankles, and arms because of its the 360-degree support bar.

Unlike all other above listed machines this foot massage machine provides far more customized foot massage experience. It allows customized heating, kneading, rolling and vibrations.

MSG-F110 Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager

The Sharper Image deep kneading Shiatsu foot massager allows you to enjoy a relaxing heated foot massage. Designed to combine the ancient Asian principles of Shiatsu and stimulating the acupressure points in your feet.

The thing I like best about this foot massage equipment is that it makes my feet feel so great after a long day walking or standing. It’s a lot more effective than massagers that simply vibrate. It feels almost like someone is sitting there massaging your feet for you with their hands.

Foot Rubz Foot Massage Ball

Roll this unique ball under your feet or in your hands for a great massage. Get results in five minutes. You can use Foot Rubz anywhere, home, office, on a plane. Great to relax your feet after sports. The design is based on ancient Asian acupressure techniques.
Also Great for Backs and Hands

Body Back Company Foot Roller and Porcupine Massage Ball

The Foot Roller Massager activates pressure points releasing healing energy to regenerate the feet and benefit the whole body. The Foot Roller massages and soothes sore and tired feet, stimulates circulation and makes the entire body feel good. Made of natural wood.

The porcupine ball has hundreds of sensory nodules. Massages and soothes sore and tired feet, stimulates circulation, makes your entire body feel good.

Dr. Scholl’s DR6622 Toe-Touch Foot Spa with Massage

Dr. Scholl’s Toe-Touch Foot Spa with Massage has a smart heat feature to maintain water temperature. It has a soothing massage function. And an accunode textured basin. There are 3 stationary massage attachments. There is a hood that acts as a splash guard. It has a removable reflexology foot roller attachment.

Soothera Wooden Spindle Foot Massager


This foot massage equipment is perfect for tired arches and aching feet. Includes foot chart of pressure points. Wooden balls move independently for a greater massage result. Soft gripping pads on the base holds the massager in place. Enjoy the pleasure of a soother foot massage, any time any where.

Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Saver Kit


These plastic half-spheres are an intense, powerful tool for improving foot function. Foot Savers actually re-educate feet. They improve gait, alignment, and muscle tone, stimulate reflexology points, strengthen arches, increase range of motion, and stimulate and elongate the muscles of the calves, thighs, hips, and lower back.

Wooden Foot Roller Massager


Wooden Foot Massage Roller will easily stimulate and massage your feet while you are working or studying. Uniquely designed rollers and arch shaped design stimulate pressure points on your feet and allow maximum contact on your feet. Just a few minutes a day help you feel better. It is light weight and small – you can carry it around. Perfect foot massage equipment to use anywhere, anytime!

Asian Teak Wood Foot Massager


This foot massage equipment features ten therapeutic bars that provide immediate relaxation when rolled under feet. Large enough to massage both feet at the same time, but compact enough to store easily.

Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak

A soothing therapeutic foot soak for tired, aching feet. This natural herbal blend contains the antiseptic, deodorizing, and healing properties of natural Tea Tree Oil to condition feet. Wild mint stimulates blood circulation to refresh and revive. Mineral salts help to soften rough calluses. Feet look and feel soft, clean and healthy.

Acupressure Mat Spike Body Mat


Cotton covered sponge rubber mat with 234 pieces of patented blunt spikes which provide the ultimate stimulation of your skin and acupressure points. Stimulates and invigorates your back, legs, feet, neck and body. Perfect for stimulating blood circulation and relaxation. 100% cotton fabric is color fast, hand washable and certified free of chemicals, metals, toxins and residues.

Avivo Shower Sandal Footscrubber


Place ShowerSandal on bottom of clean tub or shower. Activate suction cups by pressing down with foot. Apply liquid soap to brushes. Hold down or hold on to support bar as you put foot in to ShowerSandal. Move foot back and forth a few times ENJOY!

Foot Miracle Therapeutic Foot Cream


Features of the Foot Miracle Therapeutic Foot Cream: Softens rough, calloused areas. Rejuvenates heels and feet. Quick absorption for easy-wrap applications. Fresh, pleasant scent. Contains no mineral oil or petroleum. Great for elbows, knees and any rough skin area.

Acu-Life Massage Sandals


Acu-Life Massage Sandals are based on the principle of reflexology, which has been practiced for at least 5000 years.

Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Microwaveable Comfort Booties

Lavender + Chamomile for Hot or Cold Comfort + Relief. Immerse your feet in plush, cozy comfort.

Infused with 100% organic filling and a special stress-relieving, aroma-therapeutic blend of herbal essences, these super-soft booties are as good for your soles as they are for your soul.Use it Hot, to stimulate circulation and warm up cold feet.Use it Cold, to soothe and cool tired, over-heated feet.

Homedics BL-200 JetSpa Footbath


The new Jet Spa 4 powerful jets for deep, soothing massage intensity. Hydro Healing effervescent bubbles caress and pamper your feet. Super quiet enjoy the bubbles not the noise. Pedicure center with 3 jumbo attachments, pumice stone, cleansing brush and massage roller. Soothing heat helps maintain warm water temperature.

Acupressure Mat Acupressure Fitness Spike Foot Mat


Cotton covered sponge rubber mat containing 55 pieces of patented blunt spikes. Stimulates and invigorates your feet, lower back and extremities. Stimulates blood circulation and relaxation while seated at work or home. 100% cotton fabric cover is color fast, hand washable and certified free of chemicals, metals, toxins and residues.


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