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Free Online Hypnosis Scripts; learn self hypnosis and take control.

Our free online hypnosis scripts are our favourite scripts for self hypnosis.

We enjoy using the scripts to relax, reprogram our minds to change behaviour and to entrench positive suggestions…

We hope you enjoy the experience and come back soon for more!

Remember, as with everything – practice makes perfect. Be patient and gentle as you learn self hypnosis – it is well-worth the effort.


free online hypnosis scripts


Free Online Hypnosis Scripts


    • “Staircase” Technique

      This technique is very similar to one used by professional hypnotherapists.

      * Close your eyes and imagine yourself at the top of a staircase with ten or twenty steps leading down to a beautiful place of great peace and calm.

      * Slowly descend the staircase, counting the steps as you go. Truy to synchronize the counting with your breathing – go down, say, one step on every second outward breath.

      * Tell yourself as you descend that you are feeling increasingly relaxed and comfortable, and that when you reach the bottom you will be contented and at peace. say to yourself that you are going deeper and deeper into your inner self.

      * When you reach your special place, explore it in every detail before finding somewhere to sit. Then repeat your suggestions so as to fix them deep in your subconscious mind.

      * To come out of hypnosis, simply reverse the process, climbing back up the stairs and counting downward from ten or twenty to one. Before opening your eyes, suggest that you are going to feel alert and refreshed.

    • “Eye Fixation” Technique

      Another technique used by professional hypnotherapists but a self hypnosis instruction that can be used effectively at home.

      * Sit in a comforable chair and relax. Find a spot on the wall, or a small object, positioned just above your line of sight and stare at it.

      * Keep your gaze firmly fixed on the spot, and concentrate on it to exclusion of all else. After a while it may begin to move, or change shape. Keep staring, noticing how it changes.

      * Soon your eyelids will begin to feel heavy. Eventually, you may be unable to keep them open.

      * Rehearse your suggestions to create positive feelings or change behaviour.

      * Come out of hypnosis when you are ready by counting down from three to one. Before opening your eyes, suggest to yourself that you will feel alert and refreshed on awakening.

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We will be adding more free online hypnosis scripts so please be sure and visit again soon!


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