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Hand Held Crystal Healing

Tuesday 29 March, 2016.

Hand-held crystal healing is a simple and effective form of stress relief. 

We all know that positive thoughts are healing and negative thoughts are harmful

But did you know that using a quartz crystal in combination with directed positive thought can release a flow of healing energy towards yourself or to others?


How Does Hand-Held Crystal Healing Work


crystal healing

quartz crystal will direct the energy either towards or away from your body, depending on where the point is facing. You can hold an additional crystal in the “absorbing” or “receiving” hand. This helps you to feel the quartz’s healing energy clearly.

Energy Channeling

If you have an area of over-excited or stressful energy, you may feel congested, hot, tense, irritated or frustrated. Place the palm of your left hand over that area. Hold the quartz crystal in your right hand, with its point away from you and towards the ground. Breathe deeply and evenly, imagining all the excess energy releasing from your body. Let it pass out through the crystal into the earth and away from you.

If you need to recharge depleted energy or want extra healing energy, reverse the hand held crystal healing process. Hold the quartz in your right hand, pointing it towards the area concerned. Hold your left hand away from your body, with the palm facing upwards. Breathe deeply and evenly, imagining healing energies from the universe passing from your upturned hand, through the crystal and into you.

Healing Or Destressing Another Person


    1. To clear away unwanted energy, release tensions and help relaxation, hold your “receiving” hand close to your partner. With your “directing” hand, hold the quartz and allow the excess energy to drain away into the earth. Try moving the quartz in circles to aid the process.
    2. When you finish, revitalize the person’s aura by holding the crystal in the “directing” hand, with the point towards the body. Hold the “receiving” hand palm upwards and allow the universal energy to flow through the crystal into the newly cleansed area.

Ask your partner to do a hand-held crystal healing for you.

Try these exercises with opposite hands to see how it feels. Right-handed people often find their left hand more absorbing or “receiving”, and the right hand directs the outward flow of energy. Left-handed people may find the opposite is true for them.


More Useful Information


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