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More Holiday Stress Tips

How To Prevent Holiday Illness

Simple holiday stress tips for avoiding illness on holiday.


You spend months looking forward to your break – and then you get sick

Why is that?

And what precautions can you take to prevent it happening?


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Ask any one of my family – every time I go on holiday, I end up spending at least a week groaning with a sore throat. I am not even surprised anymore when the itchy throat starts, and then progresses to a fever and blocked sinuses. And the strange part is that I am always struck down just as I am starting to relax.

Does this sound familiar to you?…

My holiday stress tips for avoiding illness will help you make sure that your holiday isn’t ruined by illness.


Why do we get sick on holiday?


    • Letting go of stress.
      Are you someone with a big work load and lots of responsibility? Do you feel guilty about being on holiday and unwinding?…
      This could cause you to feel more stressed than running your everyday life. For others, it may be the lack of stress that causes you to get sick on holiday.
      A medical doctor who specialises in travel explains that whilst holidays are good for us, the downside for some is that as they relax, their immune system collapses. As we go about our normal daily tasks, our bodies produce stress hormones which, in short bursts, are beneficial because they stimulate our system. They help to keep our energy levels up and maintain our defenses against illness by boosting our immune systems. The problem is that when you go on holiday and leave your normal life behind, that healthy stress dissappears as we sit and relax on the beach. The short-term effect is that our immune system takes a dive and we can’t fight off infections.
      On top of that, we often have extra stress just before we leave on holiday; we are more anxious than usual with all the planning and preparation. Anxiety, unlike regular stress, is very bad us and compromises our immune response. All the rushing around, lack of sleep and extra tasks all result in anxiety. An obvious holiday stress tip is to be aware of increased stress levels before we leave and take steps to avoid exhaustion and to be calm. The more frantic we are in the run-up to our holiday, the more chance of getting ill as we slow down.


  • Immune System Overload
    Travelling itself can be the reason that we fall ill on holiday – a fifth of all air passengers catch a cold during their flight. new places and new environments mean unfamiliar bacteria and viruses that we don’t have resistance to. So when we are over-tired, anxious and stressed before we leave on holiday, and then thrown together with a random group of people in a plane, it is surprising if we don’t get sick.



Day Three Danger

Have you noticed that illness tends to strike on day three of your holiday? The most likely reason is that the benefits of the holiday still have to kick in, while the stress of preparing to travel mean that you are at a low ebb. Together with the change in pace and a new environment, you are more vulnerable to illness.



7 Holiday Stress Tips To Avoid Illness


    1. Plan well ahead and be organised so that you don’t have to race around at the last minute, leaving you exhausted and anxious.


    1. Take it easy for the first few days. Don’t rush around. Catch up on your sleep. Keep over-indulging in alcohol and sunbathing to a minimum and let your body recover from the exertion of travel.


    1. Many holiday makers get upset stomaches. Drink bottled water. Wash fruit and vegetables in bottled water and avoid ice in drinks. Make sure you have an antidote for digestive complaints with you.


    1. Wash your hands regularly, especially before meals and at airports. Avoid touching your nose – around 50% of colds and flu are spread by hand-to-hand contact.


    1. If you are flying, avoid caffeine and alcohol. Drink plenty of water. The dry air on the plane means you produce less mucous in the nose, which is your first defense against catching a cold.


    1. I have found that vitamin C and echinacea really help. Both support the immune system. You need to start taking them about 10 days before you leave. I use A.Vogel Echinaforce and have found it to be really effective.


  1. On planes, put a few drops of tea tree oil (a natural antibacterial) on a handkerchief and take regular sniffs. I always make sure I travel with my essential oils travel kit so that I can treat bites, itches and other ailments.



Holiday Stress Tip For Tummy Sufferers

Taking probiotics before you leave promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut which help the body fight of infection. Start taking them a week before you leave and continue for a week after you return.

I recommend Align-Probiotic Digestive Care Balancing Defense, 49 Capsules (New Bonus Size)

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