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Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Home remedies for dry skin, natural treatment for dry skin, cures for dry skin, causes of dry skin, essential oils for dry skin and other simple tips for dry skin.

Is your dry, itchy skin making you miserable?

Do you feel that those red patches on your face, and other parts of your body make you look less than attractive?

Do you hate the thought of using cortisone based creams or ointments?

You can treat your dry, itchy skin with home remedies for dry skin and take control of the problem in a natural, healthy way!

Have a look at our favorite natural treatments for dry skin, choose what appeals to you and start a new skin treatment program today.

You don’t have to do everything at once…

Rather take a few steps towards a healthy, moisturized skin and be consistent!

Home Remedies for Dry Skin

1. Check for allergies

Before you decide that your red skin is actually dry skin, make sure that you are not using any cosmetic that is causing contact dermatitis. A dermatologist can do this test for you, but a more simple way is to stop using all moisturizers for a week or two. If the problem clears up, you had contact dermatitis and you should try a new, non-allergenic cream (natural aqueous cream is best).

2. Humidify the air

If you are indeed dealing with dry skin, you are probably living with dry air. In normal humid air, skin is supple and moist. Dry air from air conditioners, heated houses or dry atmospheres leach moisture out of the skin. You can combat this in two ways: by humidifying the air so that it is not competing with your skin for moisture; and by keeping your skin from losing moisture by creating a barrier between it and the air by using a lotion or moisturizer.

3. Use Vaseline at night

The best and cheapest moisturizer is probably Vaseline. Many people find it too slippery, so my advice is to use it at night on your hands, knees, elbows, shins, heels – actually, any place that is dry. For the day, you will want something lighter like Nivea or Lubriderm.

4. Protect hands from water

If your hands are often in water, you can try two home remedies for dry skin. Wear lined rubber gloves and keep hand cream on the sink – and use it every time you dry your hands. Remember to use warm, not hot, water.

5. Bathe or shower only when necessary

Water is a real enemy of dry skin! Hot baths and showers rob the skin of moisture, and many soaps dry it further. If you do have a dry skin condition, limit your bathing and showering. When you do bath or shower, use warm, instead of hot, water. And go easy on the soap.

6. Use a prescription cream

If you have a severe dry skin problem, ask your doctor for a lotion called Lac-Hydrin. Use this regularly: it actually changes the surface of the skin and increases it’s ability to retain moisture. There are over-the-counter preparations called Lac-Hydrin Five and LactiCare that contain a lower percentage of the active ingredient – lactic acid – and really do help severe dryness. Try the non-prescription creams first and keep it handy as one of your home remedies for dry skin.

7. Use a non-drying soap alternative

If you suffer from severe dryness, ask your pharmacy for a soap alternative or have a look at my recommendations below. These will clean your skin without that itchy drying effect.

8. Check your diet

If you are on an extremely low-fat diet because of high cholesterol or trying to loose weight, add one or two table spoons of olive oil to your daily diet. This often eliminates the dry skin problem.

9. Reduce excess zinc intake

If you are taking doses of zinc in excess of 100mg daily you could be adding to your dry skin problem. A simple remedy for dry skin is to reduce that amount.

10. Emotional Healing

The skin is the bodies protection and it’s biggest elimination organ. What (or who) is getting under your skin? Or through it? As part of your home remedies for dry skin, have a look at what is causing you stress. Don’t stop or look away when emotions arise. Let them come, have a look at what they are trying to tell you and work on dealing with the cause. Work on releasing anxiety and fear; know you are safe and loved. Heal your heart and your skin may just clear up on it’s own.

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