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Home Remedies For Poison Ivy


Friday 25 March, 2016.

Home remedies for poison ivy, natural remedy for poison ivy, how to treat poison ivy, is poison ivy contagious? Find all the answers here.

About Poison Ivy Plant

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Poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac come from a family of plants known as Toxidendrons. The irritating substance that gives you that armful of “ouch” is a toxin called urushiol which is found in the roots, stems and leaves.

Is Poison Ivy Contagious

You will not get poison ivy rash just by standing close to the plant, or from another person who has the rash. You must touch it.

Poison ivy can also be picked up by touching an object that was exposed to the plant such as gardening tools, boots or pets. If poison ivy is burned, the toxin released into the air can cause severe lung irritation.

Contact with  the plant  causes the skin to turn red, a rash to develop, swell and blister. This rash is intensely itchy and can last for days. The itching and inflammation are caused by an allergic reaction to the toxin and everyone who comes into contact with it will suffer to a greater or lesser degree.

How To Treat Poison Ivy

The best poison ivy cure is to avoid it in the first place. Gardeners should wear gloves and boots to protect themselves from poison ivy.

There is a good product called Dyna Shield Skin Protectant Barrier Cream that creates a barrier between your skin and the poison. it won’t protect you completely but is a good idea if you know you are likely to be exposed to the plant.

Home Remedies For Poison Ivy

  • Learn to recognize the plant. They can grow along the ground, up a tree or along fences. The leaves may be dull or glossy but always come in clusters of three.
  • Wash the affected area as soon as possible after touching the plant preferably with  Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleanser or any soap available.
  • Wash any clothes that might have been exposed to the poison ivy. use hot water and a strong detergent.
  • Apply  crushed plantain leaves, calamine lotion, baking soda or cortisone cream. You can mix the baking soda with witch hazel to form a paste and apply to the rash.
  • Take antihistamines such as  Allergy Medicine and Antihistamine to relive the irritation and swelling.
  • If you develop swollen and reddened eyes, or other severe symptoms like difficulty in breathing or a fever, or the rash does not heal, see a doctor immediately.
  • Take 2,000 mg of Vit C to aid healing.

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