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How Many Dollars You Should Save For Yourself Before You Start Giving to Charity?

What is Generosity? And How Much You Need to Earn for Charity?

I got on to the bus.
Seeing the crowd inside,
I was upset. There was no place to sit.

Just then,
a person vacated his seat. The man standing next to the vacant seat could have sat there,
but instead he offered the seat to me.

At the next stop, the same thing happened again. He gave his seat to another. This happened 4 times during the entire journey. The man looked like a normal worker, returning home after a long day at work.

At the last stop when all of us got off, I spoke to him.

“Why were you giving your seat to another person every time you got a vacant seat?”
His answer took me by surprise.

“I haven’t studied much in my life nor do I know many things. I don’t have much money either. So I don’t have anything much to give to anyone.
That’s why I do this everyday. It is something I can do easily.

“After working all day I can stand for a little longer. I gave my seat to you and you said thank you. It gave me satisfaction that I did something for someone.

I do this daily & feel I am contributing in some way.
I go back home refreshed & happy every day that I gave something to someone.”

I was speechless!

Wanting to do something for someone on a daily basis is the ultimate gift.

This stranger taught me a lot –
How easy it is to be rich from within! And How easy it is to Give!

You Require NO MONEY at All for Doing Charity! You need zero dollars for Generosity!

Beautiful clothes, lots of money in the bank account, expensive gadgets, accessories & luxuries or even educational degrees, may or may not make you rich and happy; but a small act of giving is enough to make you feel Rich & Happy everyday.

So do not wait to increase your bank balance to help others. Just keep helping and one day you bank balance will increase multiple folds!


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