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How To Use Chakra Balancing For A Healthy And Whole Daily Life

Here is one of my favourite, simple-to-understand, simple-to-use explanations of how to use chakra balancing…

In her talk on Chakra Balancing, Ferol addresses the common overuse of the upper four Chakras, and the simple philosophies and practices for including the lower three chakras in a whole and healthy daily life…



Wellness Expo: Chakra Balancing


Ferol is a Trinity Table Owner-Facilitator, as well as a Practitioner and Instructor of Energy Healing. Ferol offers classes in understanding and integration of the Chakras, for practical change. 972-489-9123

We hope you found this video on how to use chakra balancing useful and enjoyable…

We have more for you…

Have a look at our page on healing the chakras videos for chakra meditations that you can use to balance and heal your chakras.


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