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Relax! Revitalise! with Massage

Tuesday 14 April, 2020.

Simple, quick self-massage prepares you for the day ahead.

And your well-being is absolutely worth those extra few minutes!…

About Massage

It is really quite natural for us to reach out and touch, and we instinctively rub and soothe ourselves when we feel an ache or ailment.

Hugging or holding someone is also a natural gesture of sympathy and comfort.

In fact, massage is an ancient science or art.

From the beginning of time, men and women have known and understood that touch, and the laying on of hands on the body, can bring about profound changes in the body and mind.

Hippocrates, in around 460-375BCE said that –“Rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose and also loosen a joint that is too tight”.

Historical records show that, touch therapy has been valued for thousands of years in many different civilizations because of its healing power, its ability to restore good humour, rid the body of pain, and rejuvenate tired and tense muscles and also to boost energy.

Long before people became dependent on medical drugs and highly sophisticated technology to fight disease, massaging was used, often together with certain herbs and oils, to heal both physical and mental problems.

In the first half of this century Wilhelm Reich, a psychiatrist and disciple of Sigmund Freud said that by releasing the body’s tension or “character armor”, one could heal psychological and emotional problems.

In the last decades this alternative approach to healing, which encompasses the body, mind and emotions, has become more accepted in the West.

Throughout my years of working as a therapist and teacher, I have worked with a broad spectrum of body types, varying character traits and dealt with many different types of emotional behavior.

And I have been truly amazed at the healing effects of a massage treatment on a person.

Getting Started

YOU can have the benefit of instant touch therapy by following the simple how-to steps …

Take YOUR stress management into your OWN hands!

AND Remember!.. Massaging a friend or family member has deeper rewards than just easing physical tension.

– And your dog will roll over any time and any place to get a tummy rub!

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