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Meditating With Crystals

Enhance your meditation with crystals; improve stress relief and have fun!

Tuesday 26 September, 2017.


Meditating with crystals can be a wonderful aid to meditation and stress relief.

Just think, you are looking into solid matter of extraordinary stability and subtlety. Its constant harmony may help you increase or regain your own.




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How To Do Meditation With Crystals

If you are upset or stressed, gaze deeply into your favourite quartz crystal, and allow your mind to quieten down. When the body and mind begins to settle, it is easier to find solutions and balance.

Sit quietly with your quartz crystal and look closely at it. Then relax and shut your eyes. Pay attention to how you feel and think…

Are your thoughts calm or busy, happy or sad?…

Note any sensations in your body.

After a few minutes, repeat the process using other quartz crystals and compare your experiences.

Take deep, slow, breaths before you get up.

Sit comfortably with a smoky quartz in your left hand and a clear quartz in your right hand. After a few moments swap them around…

Do you feel any difference?

Once you find a combination that suits you, try to spend a few minutes every day, preferably at the same time, sitting and meditating with your favourite crystal.

Active Contemplation

In another form of crystal meditation, place the crystal in a position in front of you that lets you gaze into its depths…

Don’t try to control your thoughts or worry about ‘doing it right’…

Just relax and enjoy the stone’s company. Then close your eyes, feel calm, take some deep breaths and follow your thoughts. Open or close your eyes as you wish, but take the crystals energy with you as you meditate.

If you find it difficult to relax and meditate with one crystal, you can make as pattern or mendala with your stones. this ‘active contemplation’ might suit you better. Play with your stones and have fun!

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