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Mindful Awareness Meditation For Anger

A simple mindful awareness meditation for anger lets you be calm, in control and aware of your emotions.

Combine with essential oils and you have the secret to simple anger management.

“Anger cannot be overcome with anger. If a person shows you anger, and you respond with anger, the result is disastrous. In contrast, if you control the anger and show opposite attitudes – compassion, tolerance, and patience – then not only do you yourself remain in peace, but the other’s anger will gradually diminish.”



Anger can have a devastating effect on others and on yourself, so it is worth the effort to find the cause of anger and to find anger management techniques that work for you.

Anger is an emotional response but has obvious physical and mental effects – if you can control and understand the emotions that make you feel angry, then you can remain calm, tolerant and patient when faced with an anger trigger…

And meditation is the perfect training. We highly recommend this mindful awareness meditation for anger.

Essential Oils For Anger

Several essential oils are useful in dealing with anger. When enjoying your mindful awareness meditation for anger choose oils that are cooling, calming and sedative.


Oils for anger include

  • ylang ylang
  • benzoin
  • melissa
  • chamomile
  • rose

Irritability can be calmed with

  • lavender
  • marjoram
  • cypress
  • frankincense
  • sandalwood



Mindful Awareness Meditation For Anger

    • Prepare the burner with the oils that you have selected.
    • Start by watching your breath. Notice if your anger has made your breathing quicker and more shallow. If so, take a few long slow deep breaths, experiencing the smell of the oils, and then resume watching your breath.
    • Allow your feelings of anger, hurt or frustration to simply be present. Try not to get involved with them, but acknowledge them and atempt to let them go.
    • If your feelings intensify and you get drawn in, return your attention to your breathing.
    • Feel the vaporized oils entering your nose, and, if you like, visualize them travelling around your body. Imagine them softening your breathing and opening your heart.
    • Don’t judge yourself for feeling angry, or try to suppress it. Breathe into the anger and let it calm down.
    • Continue watching your breath and enjoying the sensation of the oils. Practice your mindful awareness meditation for anger and enjoy a calmer you.



More Useful Information

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