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More Free Meditation Scripts

More free meditation scripts to help you remain calm, balanced and focused.


You want to start your day in a positive, calm way?

You want to take control of the “feel” of your day?

You would love to reduce your stress levels without too much fuss and bother?

free meditation scripts free meditation scripts free meditation scripts

Give yourself ten minutes before you jump into your normal day…

Choose a meditation from our more free meditation scripts…

Click on the link and follow the instructions…

Couldn’t be easier!

Have a look at our previous free meditation scripts for more guided meditations and tips on how to meditate.


Free Meditation Scripts

Observe Yourself

The best way to get out of a thinking frenzy or uncomfortable emotions is to simply step out. When you observe yourself you step out of all that stuff. Use this meditation to do just that.

Daily Meditation

Give yourself 10 minutes a day with this simple meditation.
Music: Jonathan Goldman ” Crown of Creation”.
Use it to just simply clear your mind.

Ocean Waves Meditation


An uplifting and healing visualization connecting to the ocean and beyond.

Zen Relaxation Meditation

This is a beautiful meditation for deep relaxation.

* Enjoyed your meditation experience here? Then be sure to look at our other free meditation scripts for more guided visualizations.

* And here is another great relaxation meditation for you.

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