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Multidimensional Anger Test

Multidimensional Anger Test
Since you are reading this it means that you or some you care about has anger issues. The test is a very simple matrix which makes you realize what your anger is? what triggers it? and how it has altered you?
The result of this test are dependent on how honestly you answer these questions and the best results can be achieved if you take this test with some one who is very close to you. All you need to do is try to answer the questions listed below and then later check what the results means for you.

Q1. How often do you lose your cool?

Q2. What makes you Angry?

Q3. How the anger alters the world for you?

Q4. How you behave with others when angry?

Q5. How you behave with yourself when angry?


A1. How often do you lose your cool?

Anger arousal denotes the frequency, magnitude and duration of a person’s angry responses. People who score high on anger arousal are quick to escalate from their normal state to the state of anger. Their anger usually has an affective charge, and they may experience their own anger and the bodily sensations that accompany it as overwhelming.

A2. What makes you Angry?

Anger spectrum refers to the scope and breadth of what is likely to trigger you or make you angry. People who score high on this usually let their frustrations turn into anger when faced with a wide range of situations. This dimension is a matrix of purely all the things that can make you angry and not a measure of how much angry you will be.

A3. How the anger alters the world for you?

People who score high on hostile outlook view the world in a cynical, suspicious and mistrustful way. They easily attribute ill intentions to others, and assume that others are not acting in good faith and are lying. People who have a hostile outlook usually don’t feel the emotion of anger but the anger makes them gather more knowledge and cross check everything.

A4. How you behave with others when angry?

External anger refers to a person’s tendency to take their anger out on their surroundings. This is how you express your anger to the people or things around you. If you rate high on this you are probably known for your temper. This is how the people form opinions of your behavior and make the decision of accommodating you or keep their distance.

Q5. How you behave with yourself when angry?

Internal anger denotes a person’s tendency to keep their anger on the inside without making their surroundings aware of that anger. This is how you treat yourself when angry. People who score high on internal anger tend to over thing events or things that made them angry and depending on their reaction in that situation feel guilty over expressing or blame themselves in their thoughts for failing to express that they are angry. As a consequence, they often have trouble enforcing reasonable boundaries in their relations with others.

Try and map your behavior on the above parameters and evaluate how you behave. Evaluate and use the results understand the reason for Anger and use it to control your life and people around you.


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