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Natural Crystals For Home Enhancement And Cleansing

Tuesday 29 March, 2016.

You can use natural crystals for home decorating, enhancing and balancing…

Crystals can make attractive decorations for your home and they also enhance the surroundings by balancing and cleansing on many levels and helping to neutralize emotional debris and pollution…

We, Alan and Margo have crystals in every room!

How To Use Natural Crystals For Home Health


Be creative and unique when using gemstones in your home


    • Crystals can create a sacred space in your home. This can be as a simple quiet place in which to rest or as an elaborate altar with sacred images…

      You can honour a special anniversary or day with a temporary special space, or set aside a permenent meditative area in your home or garden and include your favourite and appropriate gemstones.


    • Make a crystal lightbox by placing a large transparent or translucent stone in front of a light source. Change the mood by using a yellow crystal for relaxation, red for energy and violet for mystery.


how to use natural crystal for home decor


    • Pets can treated with gems and crystals, both to maintain health and when they are unwell…

      Use a crystal pendulum to balance the energy in your four-footed friends, or place crystals safely around their sleeping area. Crystal essences can be dropped on your fingers and then stroked onto the fur of a cat or dog. Attach a small gemstone to your dog or cat collar. Sick animals may find the presence of a crystal in their basket or hutch comforting – and it can do no harm at all.


how to use natural crystal for home decor


    • Using crystals and gemstones in your garden is fun and keeps your home and plants cleansed and balanced…

      A quiet corner of the garden is a good place for reflection, and crystals placed near the plants keeps them healthy too.

      House plants benefit from crystals placed in their soil, quartz and emerald (gem quality is not essential) are popular. Aquamarine and jade are also said to enhance plant energies, while turquoise can help plants recover from damage and disease.



    • Crystals are a great way to add colour to dark corners; add sparkle to your table and counter tops and make a statement in your bathroom. Not only do they look good, but can help balance energies. our feng shui color chart will give you ideas of what colour stones to choose for your needs.




Get to know your crystals, develop a feel for what works for you and have fun!


We hope that you will enjoy learning how to use natural crystals for home enhancement – do what comes naturally; and you have a great stress relief tool.

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