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Negative Effects Of Anger

Are there negative effects of anger?
Isn’t it okay to get angry? Why should you learn healthy ways to deal with anger?

Before you get angry again and think that that it is quite okay to loose your temper and suffer no side effects, consider the effects of your anger on you and on those around you.


Negative Effects Of Anger


    • Passive-aggressive behavior
    • Stress and muscle tension
    • Ongoing thoughts of revenge
    • Wanting to turn other people against the person you think has wronged you
    • Alienating relationships through angry, adversarial attitudes
    • Fear of being attacked in future – always being on alert
    • Increased likelihood of heart attack, hypertension and stroke
    • Taking out anger on objects or animals and risking damage to both them and yourself
    • Increased likelihood of violence and abusive behavior


Are you concerned about how to deal with anger? …

You can take steps to manage anger and make it a growth experience in your life…

There are a number of ways to start your anger management programme…



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