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Passive Visualization

What is Passive Visualization?

… Use your imagination! …And I really mean that…

Picture your perfect setting and let the stress drain away


That is passive visualization.

Let’s Try…

Here I remain in a calm, receptive and relaxed state and allow an image to form in my mind.

If you are experiencing a heavy stress load at the moment, take a few minutes off and try the following…

* sit or lie in a comfortable position with your arms at your side

* relax your body from feet to heart and from fingers to heart

* relax your head, neck and jaw Click here to read more…

breathe abdominally for a few minutes and focus on your breath

Now allow an image of a peaceful forest landscape or a tranquil sea view to form in your mind.


Image of Clifton, Cape Town * slowly begin to explore the image, noting the different colors and shades of colors, try and pick up the smell of the sea or the quietness of the forest

* see yourself walking amongst the trees or paddling in the water

* slowly withdraw from the beach or the woods and find yourself back in the chair or on the floor

This is important…

– stand up

– stretch

– yawn

– shake your body vigorously

…and get on with the day

Notice your change of mood and attitude.essential oils


If you have a diffuser close by, add a drop of two of neroli or bergamot or try one of the synergistic blends of essential oils and give yourself a few minutes of quality time…

You deserve it!

And don’t forget to enjoy it!!


In Passive Visualization your attention is aware of sensations, feelings, images, thoughts and sounds without thinking about them; you observe without making judgements….

This means experiencing what happens in the here and now to gain a calmer, clearer and non-reactive state of mind.

If you use the analogy of a camera, it is like looking through a wide-angle lens – you experience more as your attention becomes broader.

You CAN change your state of mind and your habitual stressed responses to dangers and difficulties!


Stress affects your BodyPractice of vizualization and other types of meditation affects the electrical activity of the brain and enhances brain-states associated with deep relaxation and mental alertness.


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