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How To Release Anger or “Blow Off Steam” Techniques In Self Help Anger Management

Learning how to release anger safely and effectively is the first step in good anger management.

Do you battle with constant anger or feelings of irritation?

Is your ‘bad anger habit’ too quick to let you apply anger management techniques?

Finding the cause of anger and preventing it from rising in the first place is the best remedy…

But suppressing your anger and preventing it from rising is not healthy and has negative effects on your health; it can lead to gastric ulcers and high blood pressure.

These helpful ideas on how to release – or ‘let off steam’- is like anger First Aid

Try these self help anger management techniques when you feel that irritation rising, this will take the strain off your heart and blood vessels and gradually lead to a calmer you.

About Anger Release

While you want to release anger, you do not want to release it by means of aggression towards other people. So the whole object of anger release is to draw your anger away from people and direct it at an inanimate object. You should should choose an object that is stronger than you are, to avoid a link between anger release and destructive tendencies. There are many effective ways to safely blow off steam and release that surge of anger before it turns nasty – have a look at our suggestions for quick anger management and select those that are most effective for you.

How To Release Anger


    • Leave the room or office. Take a deep breath, get into an empty lift and yell, “I hate everyone”; take another steadying breath and with a feeling of, ‘Now I feel better and ready to love my fellow-beings again’, come out of the lift, walk calmly down the stairs and restart life. You can choose any empty space to ‘do your scream’.
    • Walk in the brisk open air. Remove yourself and go around the block, into the garden or just outside. Stop and look at something that takes your interest. Feel that life has a lot to offer, drink it in and rejoin it.
    • Release the energy in constructive ways. This works best for me when I am at home. Clean the windows, wash the chinaware, polish, dust bookshelves, anything that needs energetic application. Then stand back and admire the results of your efforts. The linking of pleasure with anger release is important for restoring calmness and contentment, and if you make this a standard practice after an outburst, it will help to control the anger pattern.
    • Link it with something you enjoy. Use your outburst of irritation or anger to make you clean the car, do your hobby, listen to music – this will give you pleasure and turn the anger away from the trigger and to good advantage. This positive after-effect is important in breaking the irritation and anger response.

I hope you now have an idea of how to release your anger and irritation safely and effectively. The main things to aim for are:

    • First, release the anger in the most constructive way. Don’t suppress or bury it.
    • Then, replace the negative feeling with a positive feeling of liking for your fellow-humans and pleasure with yourself for having released your anger wothout hurting anyone. This is a big step forward in being in control of your emotional balance.
    • The next step is to prevent those explosions that occur through those small irritations that have accumulated during the day. How do you do that? Have a look at our anger management tips for some good advice.

More Useful Information on How To Release Anger


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