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The Won Thing: The “One” Secret to a Totally Fulfilling Life – By Peggy McColl

By Peggy McColl

What is the secret to a totally fulfilling life?

How many times have you asked this question?

New York Times best-selling author and goal-achievement expert Peggy McColl spent many years pondering that question and searching for the answer. Her driving curiosity took her from inspirational books to help workshops and lectures, as she absorbed the best advice from dozens of highly successful people, each of whom had their own ideas about the ultimate secret to joy and fulfillment.

The Won Thing: The “One” Secret to a Totally Fulfilling Life

is the result of her search.

In this fascinating book, Peggy shares the lessons she learned during her journey of self-discovery, and will also show you how to discover and realize your own dreams.

Her intention is to awaken you to your innate ability to create and enjoy the secret recipe for fulfillment.

Is there a universal “one thing” that can bring joy, satisfaction and purpose to our lives?

According to Peggy McColl, there isn’t.

However, in her newest book The Won Thing, she provides seven hard-won lessons that can–when combined in a personal recipe–promote balance, fulfillment, and growth.

Like all of Peggy’s books, The Won Thing, is (deceptively) simple, straightforward, engaging, and illuminating. You get the sense that she truly cares about people, desiring that her readers gain the clarity, tools and methods they need to live their best life.

Make sure you get this book so you don’t miss out on the secret to a totally fulfilling life!

“We have the ability to create the circumstances of our lives. We don’t have complete control over everything, but we also aren’t as powerless as we may think. If we’re looking for someone to do the work of changing our lives for us, trust me, it’s not going to happen. We’ve got to rescue ourselves. “From ‘The Won Thing’ .


Other Readers Comments

By Blanche (Ontario)

When I read Peggy’s book, I realized I was not alone in my desire to find the one thing that would make my life more fulfilling. It was also nice to have a roadmap right in front of me from someone I admire immensely. I knew I had to start somewhere and this book of knowledge has given me the necessary tools to carry forward. Most important, I learned the “won” thing I need to make my life more meaningful is unique to me – therefore; I am the only one who can achieve this for myself. Thank you, Peggy, for sharing your experience with me so that I could follow your path and be the person I want to be. The game of life is ever changing and I am pleased to follow whatever path I need to obtain the results that are best suited to me. Congratulations on another book well done.


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