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Self Hypnosis Instruction

Free Self Hypnosis Script, How to Do Self Hypnosis

Simple self hypnosis instruction will help you reprogram your subconscious mind.

Why learn how to do self-hypnosis?

    • Relaxation and stress relief.
    • Decision making may seem more simple as you get in touch with what you really feel.
    • New ideas may come to mind, your subconscious can be very creative when not distracted by conscious routines and expectations.
    • Anxieties and concerns can be dissolved by sinking back into your subconscious.
    • Use self hypnosis to make specific suggestions to your mind like weight loss, stopping smoking or getting to sleep.

Self Hypnosis Instruction

The best way to learn self-hypnosis is from a hypnotherapist who can give you the instruction that you need, answer questions and make sure that you are reaching a useful level of hypnosis…



But you can learn to hypnotise yourself!

I find it very useful to use an audio aid to help me reach a level of deep relaxation. I can recommend this product as a really good aid to learning self-hypnosis…

Hypnosis Training and Self Hypnosis Instruction

How To Start Self Hypnosis


    • Make a list of the suggestions that you want to repeat under hypnosis. This is an important self hypnosis instruction! Phrase your suggestions that you want to plant in a positive way. Read this list through several times and suggest that your subconscious mind help by retaining and repeating the suggestions under hypnosis. Or you can record your suggestions and play them back during self-hypnosis.
    • Impose a time limit before starting in case you fall asleep. You can do this by looking at a nearby clock and then visualising the time that you want to wake. The mind has an amazing ability to track time, even when in deep sleep.
    • Associate a word or an idea to the experience of self hypnosis. Maybe imagine drawing a big circle around your chair. Once you are in the circle, sink into a relaxed state to self hypnotize with ease. You may also think of a unique word that you can repeat to yourself. This associates the word and ‘anchors’ it to the experience. Then next time, simply repeat the word to yourself.
    • Choose a quiet room with a comfortable armchair; switch off phones and ask the family to keep away.


Once you are calm and relaxed, use one of the following techniques to induce a trance…


    1. Self Hypnosis Script

      Make yourself comfortable and concentrate on bringing yourself to the most completely relaxed and calm physical and mental condition that you can create. Now turn your attention to one of your arms and think to yourself (or make a recording and listen to the self hypnosis instruction) …

      “I am thoroughly relaxed. I am more relaxed with every second that goes by. My lower left arm from the elbow to the fingertips is now so relaxed that it feels light and weightless. With each breath I take, the lower left arm feels lighter and lighter. The lightness is filling my fingers, moving up, from the hand to the wrist, and without conscious effort, it is lifting away from the top of the couch. as i continue to relax even more deeply, my arm rises higher and higher, lighter and lighter, rising up, lifting. My lower left arm is floating. With each movement it makes, it becomes lighter and lighter, and causes me to relax more deeply. Completely, without any conscious effort.”

      Make sure that you don’t give any conscious direction to your arm itself to lift. Your thoughts must be directed directly and solely to your subconscious mind. You will find that when you make contact with your subconscious mind, your arm will lift automatically and involuntarily. Slowly, the muscles in your arm may seem to contract of their own accord, pulling your arm jerkily upwards. Remember that as soon as your arm begins to lift, a probable state of hypnosis has been reached and you have accessed your subconscious mind. You can now give and receive positive suggestions; for example, to create more desirable behaviour.


      Choose one of our free online hypnosis scripts similar to those used by professional hypnotherapists to induce a state of hypnosis at home.
    3. Stare at the hypnosis spiral below for half a minute, and then look away. You will notice that your vision distorts! Hypnosis spirals are used for self hypnosis as they are naturally fascinating to the mind and help it focus. Try it yourself by looking at the hypnosis spiral for about a minute and stating some goals in your mind. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not try the immortal words of Emile Coue: “Everyday in everyway, I am getting better and better!”


hypnosis wheel



  • Hypnotherapy is a particularly safe form of treatment, with no recorded side effects. However, it would be wise to be wary of hypnotherapists who are not trained in psycho-therapeutic techniques.
  • Do not undergo self hypnosis instruction or hypnotherapy if you suffer from epilepsy; there is a small risk of inducing a fit. Avoid also if you have a history of psychosis or severe depression.
  • Do not use self-hypnosis to treat pain or other problems that might indicate an underlying medical problem.


As time goes by, more and more success stories are being told about self-hypnosis – especially as a stress relief tool

Do you have a story to tell?…

Any self hypnosis instruction that works well for you?…

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