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Singles and Valentine’s Day: Ten Tips for Less Stress By Phyllis Goldberg

Singles and Valentine’s Day: Are you one of the millions of singles who is lonely on this day?

Valentine’s Day is a romantic time for couples – a special day to express love. But for singles and Valentine’s Day – it can put pressure on people who, every other day of the year, are perfectly fine with their single status.

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Feeling alienated or insecure may leave you depressed – and worried that you don’t have the energy or motivation to do what is in your best interests.


But you don’t have to react like that. Although you can’t control whether or not you have a romantic attachment at this time, you can control how you handle being one of the many singles and Valentine’s Day.

Follow these 10 tips and you can put this one day a year in perspective and take your stress level down a notch.

Singles and Valentine’s Day: Ten Tips for Less Stress


  1. Give yourself an emotional break and watch what happens.
    With a deep breath, release any negative thoughts you have about not being in a relationship. Actively dispute the notion that you are unworthy or unattractive. Choose an affirmation that rings true for you – I’m fine just the way I am; my life is full of those who care about me – and repeat it out loud, with conviction and often.
  2. Take a step back and trust your instincts.
    Listening to your inner voice can provide comfort and reassurance about where you are right now. As you recognize your strengths, focus on why you’re happy with who you are and what’s important to you. Be sure that you’re integrating your core values and personal ideals into how you live your life.
  3. Pay attention to the positives in your relationships.
    Notice who you enjoy spending time with and what about them brings you pleasure. And remember that your personal character and qualities make them want to be your friends. Relax into your friendships as you enjoy fuller and deeper conversations.
  4. Connect often with others.
    Going out with a group of colleagues can sometimes be more fun than a date. And having support is especially important when you’re feeling down. You can bring more intimacy into your circle of friends. Be willing to reveal your opinions and needs so that they have access to your inner world. And encourage them to do the same with you.
  5. Lower your expectations about today.
    Actually, there really is no perfect day, so relax. Be realistic and proactive. You can take the lead and make a plan – organize a potluck dinner, a hike in the hills or a barbeque at the park. The wonderful memories you create will last long after the day is over.
  6. Give back some love.
    Do you have a relative or neighbor who could use a visit or phone call? Go outside your normal routine and get in touch with someone you’ve been meaning to call – it could brighten the day for both of you. Studies show that when you shift attention away from yourself to others, you actually feel better.
  7. Volunteer your time.
    Nothing makes the day more special than a good deed. And the payback of altruism or giving back can help you see the situation from a much better perspective. Spending the day in a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter helps those in need, increases your connections and can improve your sense of self.
  8. Let go of bad feelings and think positive.
    If you continue to feel frustrated, angry or disappointed, remember that a minor change in attitude can make a big difference in how you relate to others. According to Indira Gandhi, “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.” Try to find humor in your situation and fall back on laughter.
  9. Focus on a relationship plan.
    If it’s what you want, you can define objectives that will move you in that direction. Tell those you trust that you would appreciate being fixed up. Make a list of what you expect in a partner and what changes you may be willing to make. Join a singles group or a dating website. Take whatever steps you think are vital to improve your chances.
  10. Relax and rejuvenate to relieve stress. Nurture yourself and your body through regular exercise, good nutrition and proper rest. Attend to your mind and your spirit. Practice techniques of deep breathing or your own form of meditation. And set aside quiet time to do what brings you pleasure. This sort of attitude will sustain you as well as promote greater self care.


About the Author

Sheryl Paul, M.A., pioneered the field of bridal counseling in 1998. She has since counseled thousands of people worldwide through her private practice, her bestselling books,“The Conscious Bride,” and “Conscious Bride’s Wedding Planner,” and her website, She’s regarded as the international expert on the wedding transition and has appeared several times on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, as well as on “Good Morning America” and other top television, radio, and newspapers around the globe. Phone sessions available worldwide.


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