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For Overall Fitness and Wellbeing!


Stretching improves your mood, increases flexibility, tones your muscles and refines your shape and relieves stress!

Do you need any more reasons to STRETCH?

What do you do first thing as you awake?…

Stretch your arms above your head and yawn?!…

It is a natural, almost instinctive movement that induces relaxation and relief. But, that “once a day stretch”, is not enough to remedy the strain we place on our bodies by driving, working over computers and slouching in front of the television.

A physiotherapist remarked that ” Stretching is one of the most undervalued forms of exercise.”

In fact, you can enjoy significant stress relief benefits from as little as a 5 minute stretch exercise per day.

natural stretch

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Benefits of Stretching


    • Sharpen Your Concentration: Certain stretch postures demand intense focus. The best way to stretch is slowly – and this contributes to your state of awareness.
    • Enhance your movement: The connective tissue (or fascia) that surrounds the muscle groups acts either to limit or increase muscle and joint movement. By stretching this tissue, you can make your movements more supple and fluid.
    • Increase Your Muscle Tone: We tend to contract certain muscles more than necessary, whilst inhibiting others. This leads to poor muscle tone and bad posture. Even though muscles return to their original state after a stretch, you will reap the benefit of improved muscle tone if you follow a stretch with a workout.
    • Minimize Chronic Pain: Muscles get used infrequently and then incorrectly if we do not exercise enough. With regular stretching, you improve the suppleness of your body and avoid the feeling of stiffness that comes with inactivity.
    • Encourages Relaxation: Being anxious, worried, angry and in conflict places stress and strain on your body, causing it to stiffen. By stretching you work on your posture and release what is preventing easy movement. You learn to unwind and let go!
    • “Rediscover” Your Body: Stretching makes you concentrate on your posture or focus on one part of your body. You become more aware of where you are holding tension and of otherwise neglected or forgotten zones.
    • Reclaim Your Energy: The total control of your movements during stretching – even if only for 5 minutes a day – puts you back in tune with your body and restores confidence! And acts as an excellent stress buster.Click here for a simple 5 minute stretching exercise!


      Be sure to check our suggestions for breathing techniques you can use to enhance your stretching exercises. Breath control is the first step to effective stress control!


      Learn more about stress and its overall affect on your health click here

      Go from Stretching to Relaxation Techniques and manage your stress!


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