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Take A Depression Test

Feeling ‘blue’, moody, unmotivated, tired or sleeping too much?

Take a depression test and identify the symptoms of depression.

We all get “the blues” when we are disappointed. That is normal.

And everyone feels stress and depression over job layoffs, a divorce, the death of a loved one or other major loss. If you did not experience a measure of depression in tough circumstances, you would not be normal…

A certain amount of sadness is a normal part of life…

But when sadness never turns back to gladness and every day seems filled with darkness, it becomes what many authorities call the USA’s leading mental health problem – clinical depression.

Persistent depression could also be the result of a chemical imbalance or mental problems. It is very important for a person to find out if they suffer from depression. If you know you have a problem, you can get help as soon as possible.

One way you can find out if you are suffering from depression is to take a depression test

The test can determine if you have depression and whether or not you need further treatment. You can go to your doctor for a test or you can do a self-test and then do what you need to do.

Depression Self-Test

How have you felt during the last week?

Score each question numerically, then add up your score.

0 for “not at all”

1 for “a little”

2 for “moderately”

3 for “very much”


Have you been feeling sad or down in the dumps? _____

  1. Does the future look hopeless? ____
  2. Do you feel worthless or a failure? ____
  3. Do you feel inadequate or inferior to others? ____
  4. When things go wrong, to you criticize or blame yourself? ____
  5. Do you have trouble making up your mind? ____
  6. Have you been feeling resentful and angry a lot lately? ____
  7. Have you lost interest in your job, hobbies, family or friends? ____
  8. Do you feel overwhelmed and find you have to push yourself hard to get things done? ____
  9. Do you think you look old or unattractive? ____
  10. Have you lost your appetite or engaged in binge eating? ___
  11. Do you have trouble sleeping or sleep too much? ____
  12. Have you lost interest in sex? ____
  13. Do you worry a great deal about your health? ____
  14. Do you ever think that life isn’t worth living or that you would be better off dead? ____


0 – 4 Normal ups and downs

5 – 10 Borderline depression

11 – 12 Mild depression

21 – 30 Moderate depression

31 – 45 Severe depression

If you scored between 11 and 30 (mild to moderate symptoms of depression) you can benefit from self-help books such as The Feeling Good Handbook.

However, anyone with a higher score, persistent symptoms of depression that last more than two weeks or suicidal impulses should see a mental health professional.

Please remember that this “take a depression test” is not intended to be used as a substitute for proper mental health care.

Source: The Feeling Good Handbook; David D. Burn s, M.D. (New York: Plume/Penguin, 1989).

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