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Think Positive

How often have you been told to ‘think positive’?…
And so often it is the last thing that we want to hear.

In fact, the subject of positive attitudes has been studied extensively and it has been proved that happier people are less likely to suffer heart attacks, strokes and pain from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Interestingly, psychologists have noted that people tend to ‘think positive’ almost automatically. A new study from the American Psychosomatic Society suggests that by being irrationally positive, we may be instinctively protecting our own lives. The results of this study actually prove that women who are more optimistic about life live longer and are healthier than those who are pessimistic.

And if you need more convincing to ‘think positive’, look at these findings from the Women’s Health Initiative which is known for its research into hormone therapy…

A clinical trial was conducted on nearly 100 000 healthy women aged 50 – 70. It was found that optimistic women had a 14% lower risk of death from any cause after eight years, than those who were pessimistic. The more cynical women had a 16% higher risk of dying than trusting women. More specifically, pessimistic women were 23% more likely to die of cancer.

The women’s rates of death and chronic health conditions were tracked for an average of eight years and the research shows that the optimists were less likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes, or smoke cigarettes.

And, another interesting point, these findings remain the same for women from all income groups, level of education and social strata…

Optimists show a decreased risk of death compared with pessimists!

Whilst the study cannot prove that attitudes affect health or cause illness, the experts agree that the link is unmistakable and deserves attention. All good reasons to ‘think positive’.

The prestigious journal, Nature, reported on a study at the University of New York in which researchers found that the brains of optimistic people actually light up differently on a scan, when compared with those who tend to be more miserable when they think about the future. Furthermore, the difference between positive and pessimistic minds was especially noticable in the areas of the brain linked to depression.



This positive thinking stuff is all very well if you are one of those lucky people for whom optimism comes naturally…

But what if you tend to look on the dark side of things?

The good news is that it is an attitude that can be learned and practised…

Cognitive therapy is an excellent tool for changing the way you look at life.

Did you know that even a forced smile will do you good?

So take note of your attitudes and be sure to add some optimism into your life. Start by doing something that makes you feel relaxed and happy – Click here to get some ideas from our other visitors…

So don’t feel irritated by those happy people who always look on the bright side. Rather learn from them and do your health a favour.

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