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Learn How To Use Your Imagination for Relaxation

Monday 28 March, 2016.

VISUALIZATION – also known as GUIDED IMAGERY – is excellent for controlling psychological and physical effects of stress.

Through imagining sights, sounds, tastes or smells, you can use positive thinking to restore calm and maintain good health!…

Perfect DIY Stress Relief!

In essence, visualization is simply a form of constructive day-dreaming!

It allows the imagination to create a sense of well-being and helps to replace negative stress-related reactions with positive ones that boost the natural healing powers of the body.

It is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing forms of therapy I know…

Don’t we all LOVE to day dream? Now learn to do it with a purpose…

At its simplest, it involves no more than the creation and exploration of pleasant or satisfying images produced by the mind.

When applied in a more focused way, the images can be used to deal directly with emotional problems or stress related issues.

Visualization forms part of many relaxation and mind calming techniques.

And, although you can consult a professional teacher to learn how to visualise, it is very possible to learn the technique on your own.

So what is it all about……?

Most of us are able to bring up mental images of some kind. In fact, before I do anything, I usually think about it first…

Now, these images may be memories from the past, or they may be pure imagination… and this technique provides us with a way of putting these images to good use.

There are two ways in which I use these images –

1. The Passive or Receptive Method

Here I remain in a calm, receptive and relaxed state and allow an image to form in my mind.

If you are experiencing a heavy stress load at the moment, take a few minutes off and try it.

Click here to learn how…

2. The Active Method

Also known as Reframing or Rehearsal Imagery.

This is an excellent technique for changing the “picture” of stressful situations in our minds. Mental rehearsal involves imagining a situation or scenario and its ideal outcome. Click here to learn how…

Theory has it that “if visualization is repeated enough, expectations rise and the person acts as though the image were a reality”…

Imagery has very real effects on the brain itself and causes physiological changes. So be careful what you think about!

Remember, visualisation is a very personal form of therapy, so choose images that are appropriate for the problem that you wish to deal with.

Visualization is also a creative process…Don’t rely simply on literal representations of a scene, try using symbols, personal associations and memories as much as you can and experiment with different images and techniques until you find the ones that work best for you.

Guided imagery works best if you incorporate as many sensory details as possible. For example…

See the sun setting over the water

Hear the birds singing

Smell the pine tress

Feel the cool water on your feet

Taste the fresh lemon juice

You Need

* Somewhere quiet and peaceful

* At least 15 minutes of free time

* To make sure that you are comfortable – a high-back chair with a head rest is ideal

* An audio system and cd ready if you are using it

* To relax fully

* To experiment with different images and techniques until you find which ones work for you

There are many excellent audio aids to guide you but visualization is a relaxation technique that can easily be self-taught.

More Useful Information

Try a positive affirmation or mini-visualization to improve self-confidence and positive thinking! It’s simple!

Try Color Meditation … a fun and relaxing way to change your mood and manage your stress!

Self-directed visualization used for cutting ties is a very effective way torelease and let go of people, situations and memories that cause you distress.

Doing a visualization exercise in a standing meditation pose gives you a physical as well as a mental work-out!

This book provides a basic understanding of the principles of using sound as a healing modality, and how it may be used to restore balance. A CD of recorded examples by Jonathan is included within the book, which offers a solid foundation for discovering how sound and music can be utilized to benefit and enrich your life.

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Living Mindfully: A Path to Wholeness
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Mindful living is all about making conscious choices. Through a five-step process presented in this course, you will be empowered to consciously co-create new realities…. realities with a more positive, creative, and hopeful outlook and outcome. Learn more here.


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