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Beginner Meditation Tips

Wednesday 10 August, 2016.

Beginner Meditation Tips
 to help you experience the benefits of meditation.

So you want to learn more about stress and meditation, how it works, the benefits of meditation and some techniques for improving your meditation practice?

We use meditation as an everyday part of our stress relief exercises; and would even go so far as to say that if you only do one thing every day to ensure some kind of relaxation and calm, meditation is the place to start!

Beginner Meditation Tips

When you begin to meditate, there are three things that you can focus on to make your meditation process more fluid.

Follow these simple meditation tips to help you “close off” the outside world and concentrate on the rich and interesting inner world.

  1. StillnessBeing able to sit completely relaxed and still is very important. This will enable you to drift into that state of awareness that allows you to access your inner world.
    Being quite still will enhance your enjoyment of your meditative state. If you start to fidget or become aware that you are not comfortable, your stream of concentration will be broken and your focus will be drawn to your physical irritations. The ideal is to maintain stillness throughout the meditation.
  2. SilenceMany people use personal music systems to try and block out any noise around them. Some meditation advice even suggests this. But this can be very counter productive; it is much better to try and meditate during a quieter time of day and maybe in a quieter place. The ideal is to learn to create inner silence. This will encourage your mind to hear sounds and see images coming from your own depths and inner world. The more you allow your own feelings and images to surface, the less you will be distracted by outside influences.
    It has been said that when you can meditate on a busy railway platform, you will know that you can really meditate. The idea is to be able to access that place of quite calmness anywhere and anytime.
  3. SensitivityWhen you begin any new meditation technique, it is important to pay attention to whatever sounds, colours, images and other sensations appear in your mind.
    These may be fleeting and obscure at first, but by noticing them, listening and watching them, you will aid the process and be amazed at the benefits of meditation for stress relief and for personal growth. You will become more still and quiet. Your overall awareness will become sharper – both in meditation and in the rest of your life.

We hope that these simple beginner meditation tips will help you to make meditation a meaningful part of your stress relief and personal growth program. Try to include meditation for a few minutes everyday and we promise you that you will start living better everyday!

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