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How To Meditate For Beginners

Wednesday 10 August, 2016.

How to meditate for beginners gives tips on beginner meditation, guidelines on how do I meditate and  more meditation tips for an effective stress relief program.

Meditation is the practice of being able to focus all of your attention on on thing. Being able to do this brings many health benefits – increased concentration, less stress and anxiety, more calm mind and generally a feeling of increased happiness.

Although many of us love the idea of meditation, few of us manage to stick with it long enough to enjoy the benefits. Learning how to meditate for beginners will make help make this practice part of your daily program.

We encourage you to try our 10 beginner meditation tips. You will find that meditation is much more simple than you imagined!

How To Meditate For Beginners

  1. Make It Part Of Your Routine 

    Meditating regularly is more important than quantity.  5 minutes of meditation a day will have far greater benefits than meditating for 2 hours once a week. Set aside a particular time every day – and try to stick to it. Early in the morning is ideal as it sets a calm, balanced tone for the day ahead.

  2. Have A Specific Spot

    Pick a quiet room, preferably where you don’t work or exercise. Make it your meditation spot by placing candles and other tokens in the room that convey spirituality to you. You will build an energy of meditation in the spot by using it regularly for this purpose.
  3. Sit Comfortably

    Sitting is the most comfortable way to meditate. You can sit on the floor or a chair. Sit tall, but relaxed. Close your eyes and imagine a thread extending from the top of your head, pulling your back, neck and head  up towards the ceiling in a straight line.
  4. Calm Your Mind

    Be still.  Just sit.  Be aware of your surroundings, your body, the sounds around you.  Thoughts will arise. Acknowledge them and let them go. Don’t react or try to change anything.  Just be aware. Some days this will feel easier than others.
  5. Focus On Your Breath

    Pay attention to your breath. This is important when learning how to meditate for beginners. Feel your in-breath as it flows cool into your nostrils. And then be aware of it’s warmth as you exhale. Try to use your diaphragm  and fill your lungs. This is known as abdominal breathing.
  6. Use A Mantra

    A mantra consists of a word, words or even just a sound that you use when meditating. The sound can be used as a focus point, and can have vibrational benefits as well. You can say your mantra silently or aloud. An easy beginner mantra is to simply say
    breathing in… breathing out. 
  7. Time Yourself 

    Start with 5 minutes a day. This may feel like a long time in the beginning but, with practice, your meditation time will increase. Set a timer for 5 minutes to begin with. When starting how to meditate for beginners, this will help you to relax and not worry about the time. make sure that whatever type of alarm you use, it is soft and gentle.

  8.  Get Informed About Meditation

    good book is my favourite way to find out more about meditation.
    I recommend… Wherever You Go, There You Are .Instructional CD’s and DVD’s are great for learning how to meditate for beginners, and also for different meditation techniques. My recommendations are:

    The Calming Collection – Goodbye Worries. ** Guided meditation to train your mind to quiet your thoughts – Train your mind to quiet your thoughts CD 

    ~  The Secret of Healing: Meditations for Transformation and Higher Consciousness

    Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction for Beginners: The Garden of NOW


  9. End With Gratitude 

    Conclude your meditation with a few moments of focused gratitude. Feel grateful for your body. Be grateful for your mind and the ability to use it in a focused and calm way. Add to your list any particular blessings for which you are particularly grateful on that day.

  10. Include Moments Of Meditation During Your Day

    Beginner meditation is easier to practice in a set place and at a set time. But as you become more comfortable with your meditative mind, try having moments of meditation in different places and at different times during the day. This is a wonderful way to make your daily life  calm, balanced and stress free.See these links for more interesting information on daily meditation techniques. It really is very simple and manageable.

    Beginner Meditation Tips

    Mindfulness For Beginners

    Simple Meditation Exercise

    Simple Meditation Positions 

    Guided Meditation Scripts

    More Simple Mindfulness Exercises 

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