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Essential Oils And Pregnancy Recipes

Essential oils and pregnancy recipes for morning sickness, back rubs, heartburn, constipation, stretch marks and more…

Learn how to safely use aromatherapy during pregnancy.

What is your best aromatherapy remedy or experience?

Make sure you know which oils are safe to use during pregnancy and which to avoid…Essential oils and pregnancy advice is a good place to start. Then decide what remedy you need and try our essential oils and pregnancy recipes to pamper and soothe yourself during this special time.

Essential Oils And Pregnancy Recipes


essential oils and pregnancy recipes

Morning Sickness

Nausea typically occurs in the morning. I remember well the awful feeling of morning sickness. Inhalations work well and can be helpful at bedtime and first thing in the morning.

Try This… Place a bowl of boiling water with 4 – 6 drops of spearmint oil added, on the floor next to your bed overnight. The aromatherapy molecules waft up and keep your stomach calm while you sleep. Use this method for 3 consecutive nights and you should feel relief. Alternatively, put a drop of spearmint oil on your pillow. If the nausea persists during the day, carry a tissue with either spearmint or ginger essential oil on it, and have a sniff when your stomach needs calming.



Constipation is another early sign of pregnancy. Avoid chemical laxatives! Rather prepare essential oils in a suitable carrier oil and rub into your abdomen in a clockwise movement.

Add 30 drops patchouli to 30ml of vegetable oil and cover the whole belly in slow, gentle clockwise movements. Remember to drink plenty of water and stick to a healthy diet with plenty of fiber.


Stretch Marks

Start using essential oils and pregnancy recipes for stretch marks at the beginning of your second trimester and help your skin to remain supple.

Try this very successful formula…

Massage Base Oil

30ml almond oil
15ml wheatgerm oil
10 drops borage seed oil
5 drops carrot oil

Shake the oils together and use when needed. Add 18 drops of essential oils to this base oil and massage where stretch marks may occur – lower and upper abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

You might like to add a synergistic blend of oils to the base oil…

Pregnancy Tummy-Rub Synergistic Blend

7 drops rose bulger
6 drops lavender
5 drops tangerine

Don’t have all the necessary oils for essential oils and pregnancy recipes?

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essential oils and pregnancy recipes

Back Ache

As your baby grows, so does the likelihood of backache. Here is a great remedy which can be massaged into your back by a partner or friend on a regular basis. The bonus of this recipe is it uplifts your spirits as well.

Back Rub Blend

Chamomile Roman

Use some or all of these oils in equal proportions to a total of 30 drops per 30ml vegetable oil. Try using the same essential oils (but without the carrier oil) in the bath.



The basic cause of heartburn during pregnancy is an increase of acid in the stomach. You might feel a vague fullness or discomfort as soon as you eat. This is made worse by worry and anxiety – so try and stay calm and relaxed. Also try eating small meals every two hours, chewing your food well and eating slowly.

There are 3 essential oils which are good for indigestion problems – coriander, cardamom and dill. You can make a synergistic blend using equal parts of these 3 oils or use one oil only. Using a total of 3 drops, blend with 1 tablespoon of honey. Store this mixture. Dissolve 1/2 a teaspoon of the honey and mix in a little hot soya milk and sip after meals twice a day.

For heartburn you can also add two drops each of mandarin and peppermint oil to 10ml (2 teaspoons) carrier base oil and rub into the painful area. I also found that inhaling neat peppermint or mandarin from a tissue or cupped hands gave relief.


Varicose Veins, Swollen Legs and Ankles

Oedema or swelling is extremely common in pregnancy and nothing to worry about unless you have high blood pressure. Spend some time lying down with your feet higher than your heart. One of the best treatments for swelling is herbal tea – fennel and nettle are good…

The following body-rub recipe also helps. Apply the mixture to the whole leg and then whole arm. Rub from the foot up to the knee and from the fingers up to the arm. massage only in an upward direction to encourage blood flow to the heart. Don’t use the oil on your abdomen and only use once a day for ten days.

Oedema Body Rub

3 drops ginger
2 drops cypress
2 drops lavender

Dilute in 30ml vegetable oil.



Ask any mother… feeling tired is part of being pregnant!

Here is a wonderful essential oils and pregnancy recipe for reviving yourself. You can use it as a body oil, bath or foot bath.

essential oils and pregnancy recipesYou can use this remedy after the birth as well.

Exhaustion remedy

10 drops lavender
10 drops grapefruit
10 drops coriander

Use these amounts to 30ml vegetable oil for a body oil or make a synergistic blend using equal proportions of each essential oil.

Use 6 drops of the synergistic blend for a bath; 5 drops in a dessertspoon of vegetable oil for one body rub; or 4 -5 drops in a bowl of hot water for a foot bath.

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