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Physical, Emotional and Mental Effects

Sunday 15 September, 2019.

Stress symptoms can be horrible!

Stress is an important and positive part of life.

BUT mismanaged or negative stress can cause uncomfortable stress symptoms that interfere with our daily wellness and ability to cope.

The problem is that we may think that the symptom is the disease. For example, we may treat a throat infection and get it to clear – only to have it re-occur…

Or we might find an effective anti-inflammatory to swallow for migraine headaches, only to have that awful band of pain back again once the pill wears off…

It is important to become aware that stress symptoms are signs of stress and not some sickness that can be cured by swallowing antibiotics! And, furthermore, that both the symptoms and the causes and can be managed positively…

That strep throat could be a sign of a compromised immune symptom due to stress. Recurring migraines may mean that you need to reassess your lifestyle and deal with stress in a more constructive and holistic way…

And that is the aim of my site! To make you aware of what stress is; how it manifests; and then offer you a variety of ways for you to make your stress-control programme into something healthy and fun!

And, hopefully, you can help your friends and family cope better with their stress.

We cannot get rid of stress BUT we can control how it makes us feel!

Types Of Stress Symptoms

Physical Stress

Effects of Stress on Your Body

* Headache

* Chest Pains including Pounding Heart

* Muscle Aches and Pains

* Back Pain

* Clenched Jaw and Teeth Grinding

* Shortness of Breath

* Stomach Upset – Constipation and Diarrhea

* Excess Sweating

* Tiredness

* Sleep Problems

* Weight Gain or Loss

* Sex Problems

* Skin Problems

Emotional Stress

Effects of Stress on Your Thoughts and Feelings

* Anger

* Anxiety

* Depression

* Mood swings

* Excessive Worrying

* Forgetfulness

* Lack of Concentration

* Negative Attitude or Apathy

* Sadness

* Feeling Insecure

* Irritable

* Restlessness

* Guilt

* Job Dissatisfaction

Mental Stress

Effects of Stress on Your Behavior

* Drug Abuse

* Excessive Drinking

* Excessive Smoking

* Absenteeism from Work

* Over-eating

* Not Eating

* Angry or Aggressive Outbursts

* Socially Withdrawn and Quiet

* Decreased Productivity

* Crying Spells

* Blaming Others

* Thoughts of Suicide



Stress symptoms often mimic or seem to be symptoms of other problems. You may think that illness is to blame for that aching back or nagging headache, your inability to concentrate or your weightloss. But the common denominator might be stress.

Consulting a medical doctor for a thorough check-up is always advised!

Definitely, stress symptoms can affect your body, mind and emotions! And your general health suffers. Taking control of your reactions to stress gives you more strength and energy to deal with the actual causes of your stress. Unresolved stress can escalate into anxiety.

Just as the stress symptoms vary from person to person, so do the coping mechanisms…

My advice is to try what appeals to you and then make your own personal stress relief “recipe”.

What To Do To Relieve Stress Symptoms

  • Learn more about the different types of stress for a better understanding of how to treat your symptoms.
  • I like to combine a daily routine of Breathing Exercises and Meditation for chronic stress. An exercise routine is also very helpful to rid the body of stored excess “flight or fight” hormones.
  • Essential Oils(inhaled) and Bach Flower Remedies offer immediate relief in situations of acute distress.
  • Self- or friend massage is a great stress reliever and can be done anywhere, anytime!
  • Try Vocal Toning and be surprised at the excellent results! Using your voice to calm and centre yourself has huge stress management benefits – and that is only one of the benefits.
  • And where would I be without my peppermint or chamomile tea? Natural herbal stress relief is so easy and so effective.
  • A good first step to managing stress is to identify what causes it. Print or download your free copy and keep a Stress Diary for a week. Identify what triggers your stress and then work with it!
  • Bereavement Stress is particularly difficult to deal with. Make yourself aware of the symptoms of stress due to loss and how to deal with it.
  • To find out about alternative therapy that’s been studied and proven effective for stress relief, visit Pamela’s site Healthy Alternative Solutions.

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