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Feng Shui Plants

Saturday 15 June, 2019.In Feng Shui plants play an important role.

Exciting feng shui beginners tips.

Plants bring a life force into the home and help to keep the air fresh. And plants make a space look alive!

The great thing about using plants to change the energy in your home is that it is so easy! And so effective!

So read on, and use my tips to brighten your home, relieve stress, balance energy and just generally have fun using plants according to feng shui principles.

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Use Feng Shui Plants To:

    • Hide a jutting corner
    • Harmonize Fire and Water energy in the kitchen
    • Bring life into the house
    • Slow down chi in corridors
    • Move energy in a recessed corner
    • Enhance and support the east and south-east, and support the south
    • Drain excess Water energy in the bathroom

Depending on their shape, plants create different types of energy. Upright plants with pointed leaves are yang, and useful in the south and in corners to move energy. Round-leaved and drooping plants are more yin and calming, and best placed in the north.

Rosemary plant

Plants should be healthy – sick plants and plants that drop leaves and flowers regularly will create stagnant energy.

Color And Shape

Plants with shapes and colors that resemble the five elements are ideal. Be careful where you place spiky plants, they should not be in a position where they can project harmful energy towards a chair where someone might sit.

money plants

The money plant (Crassula ovata) has been adopted as the Feng Shui Plant. Its leaves resemble coins and represent metal energy. Place the money plant west and north-west to encourage wealth.

calendula plant

Use colorful plants to brighten any area and increase Wood energy. Plants in yellows, whites and greens will benefit an earth area.

ivy feng shui

Trained ivy feng shui plants bring a lively energy to a room
and would be best placed in the west or north-west.



I love to have flowers in a vase: they look beautiful and I enjoy them. But, feng shui experts tell us that cut flowers are technically dead. Furthermore, they often stand forgotten in stagnant water… All against feng shui rules! Choose potted plants instead.

You can grow bulbs through the seasons
and plant them afterwards in the garden.

Dried flowers are also technically dead and have stagnant energy, particularly when their colors fade and they gather dust. You can rather use silk flowers or brightly painted wooden flowers. Pictures of flowers are also acceptable to represent growth and stimulate energy in your home.

Feng Shui Plants That Represent the Five Elements

: Geranium, Cordyline, Begonia, Pointsettia, Aspidistra.

EARTH: Slipper flower, Marigolds, Sunflowers, and other yellow plants.

METAL: Money plant, Jasmine, Fittonia, Oleander, Calathea.

WATER: Introduce the water element into your home by standing plant pots on clear or blue glass nuggets.

WOOD: All plants represent the Wood element.

 One of my favourite books on everyday western-style feng shui for real results is by Gill Hale.
The Essential Book of Feng Shui:
A Complete Guide to Harmonious Modern Living

It is easy to follow, with lovely illustrations and good ideas for modern living (including feng shui bedroom tips). Really worth adding to your library!

Using plants in your home or office space is a simple way to shift energy and restore balance. Go with what appeals to you…

If you feel that a room or a corner of a room needs lightening up, nothing beats a brightly colored pot plant to do the feng shui trick….

Simple stress relief for you and your living space!

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