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Feng Shui Colors For Rooms

Saturday 06 August, 2016.

Do you know which feng shui colors for rooms work best?
Should you use red in the lounge?
Blue in the kitchen?
Which colors create harmony?

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It can be really fun to choose the correct colors for the rooms in your home – and get it right! Using color to change the feel of your living space is easy when you follow a few feng shui tips. You can use it to create a harmonious atmosphere, increase stimulation or induce relaxation…

Tips For Using Feng Shui Colors For Rooms

  • Take into consideration the amount of sun in each room. In feng shui, it is important to allow sunlight to flood your rooms – sunlight has a purifying effect on the psyche and the physical space. Check how much daylight the space gets before using white, as bright white can be tiring for the eyes and cause frustration. Deep colors can look good with the sun on them; they do become duller at night but look cozy in artificial or candle light.
  • If you decide to paint one wall of a room in a different color, do not choose a wall with a door or window as this dissipates the energy of the color.
  • Take into consideration the size and shape of the space when deciding on feng shui colors for rooms. The stronger the color, the smaller the room will seem. Small rooms tend to look more spacious decorated in a single pale color. Colors become more intense in larger areas, and a strong color can enclose a room, making it feel claustrophobic. Dark narrow rooms generally need light, clear colors.

Follow these guidelines – but remember, when using feng shui colors for rooms, be guided by your feeling of the energy and purpose of the space.


Room-By-Room Color Guide

The colors of your home should suit the function of each room and also be used to create harmony. A good feng shui tip is to use colored flowers or ornaments for particular occasions to influence the atmosphere.

  • Entrance HallTo welcome your guests include warm colors, such as the range of reds. Or to create a sense of space choose softer pastel shades. I like a combination of pinks and deep reds in my entrance – feels kind of grand.
  • Living RoomUse yellow in your living area to put people into a good humor. Add brown to give a sense of security. Earthy colors make your living room cosy and nurturing. Be careful of water colors in the living space as they tend to drain energy.
  • Dining RoomWhen choosing dining room feng shui colors for rooms, look for something bright to whet the appetite. Include a hint of silver at a dinner party. It aids digestion and adds sparkle to the conversation.
  • KitchenToo much green in your kitchen may slow you down just when you need to feel active and energetic. Try a touch of yellow to inspire efficiency.
  • BedroomCalming blue is a perfect color for the bedroom. Try a touch of indigo if your suffer from headaches or insomnia. Stimulating red may cause sleeplessness, so avoid .
  • BathroomBathrooms should be decorated to help us relax and unwind at the end of the day; or have a few peaceful moments in the morning. The feng shui colors for rooms that we use in the bathroom will affect how we feel there. Hints of pale green color you choose, make sure it relaxes you.

Have a look at our feng shui color chart for more facts on each color and how to use color in making your living space really work for you.

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