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Breathing Techniques

Sunday 14 June, 2020.

Simple breathing techniques are the starting point of breath awareness, meditation and relaxation.

By learning how to control our breath, we can learn how to control our emotions and manage stress…

It is as simple as that!!

Practice these breathing techniques and use them to focus, relax and prepare for any particular meditation or visualization

  • Exercise 1

    Sit comfortably in your chosen position, eyelids lowered or eyes closed. Breath naturally, counting your breaths either on the inhalation or exhalation, from one to ten. Concentrate on the numbers and don’t let your thoughts drift. Just keep focusing on the numbers and your breathing. This helps you to concentrate and stay alert.
  • Exercise 2

    Sitting in the same position, breath naturally. Focus your attention on the tips of your nostrils where the breath flows in and out of the body. Feel the sensation and focus on how it feels. Don’t let your attention wander.
  • Exercise 3

    Sitting as before, and breathing naturally, focus on the space between the breaths – the space outside the body where the exhalation ends and the space inside the body where the inhalation ends. Notice the stillness of the breath. This takes a bit more concentration but keep practicing and eventually it will help still the mind. You will also find that the space between breaths increases with practice.


  • You might like to try combining these breathing techniques with the half lotus posture – real diy stress relief!
  • Be kind to yourself as you get started with practicing breath techniques for meditation. It’s common for the mind to wander no matter how long you have been at it, and that’s OK, too. If your attention wanders, slowly return to the number, sensation or movement you’re focusing on.

I find that as you get more used to breathing in a focused way, you will automatically use your breath as a stress relief tool…

Taking your attention to your breath really does induce the relaxation response.

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