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Feng Shui Living Room Tips

Feng Shui Living Room Tips

Tuesday 17 April, 2018.

Follow my simple feng shui living room tips to create
an harmonious living room.

Even feng shui beginners can have fun and be successful in making small changes that have big results!

Do you need to feel more relaxed?

Want to be more inspired?

Need to feel more sociable?

An important tool in achieving proper feng shui is the bagua map.

Feng Shui Living Room Guide

The first thing that I do whenever I feel that a room needs feng shui treatment is a clean-up. Sometimes this is all that it takes to shift chi and get energy flowing again. So have a look at your living room; check for clutter; get out the vacuum cleaner, waste bag and polish and do a spring clean…

Get rid of newspapers and magazines. Empty ashtrays. Banish children’s toys. Pick up any fallen plant leaves. Deal with those unanswered letters and bills on the mantelpiece. Clean the mirrors. Replace used candles and clean the fireplace…

Now consider the following feng shui living room tips…


Proportion is important. A feng shui living room with large open spaces, like a barn conversion, would use small groupings of furniture rather than attempt to create a single room within the space.

In small rooms, try to keep bookcases and wall-units low, otherwise the room can feel top heavy and closed-in. If you study or work in your living room, screen off the work area so that you are not distracted by work when you are trying to relax.

My best living room feng shui tip is to keep family rooms well-ventilated and allow as much light as possible.


Living areas should be welcoming. Use a color scheme to achieve the feel that pleases you. For example, plenty of earth colors on the walls and in the furnishings will make for a nurturing and cosy room. If your walls are a single color, use small areas of stimulating color with fabric or objects to keep the energy moving.


Adding plants to your living room is a great way to promote healthy chi. Make sure any plants are kept healthy and green—remove any plants that are wilted or dying. A plant with yellow flowers would be a good addition to your living room table.


Living rooms need to be comfortable spaces.

Chairs and sofas with high backs and arms are protective and offer protection to those sitting in them. A footstool nearby adds feng shui balance. If possible, do not have people sitting with their backs to the door.

If you want your guests to feel welcome, offer them prime position facing the door. If you have a visitor who talks too much, put them with their back to the door to reduce their dominance in the group. And, if you have a guest who you would like to leave as soon as possible, place them outside of the main group.

The circle is used in all cultures for community gatherings and this arrangement lends to harmonious social get-togethers.

If the bedroom leads off the living area, keep doors from the living area closed.

If chairs are not backed by the wall, place a table or bookcase behind them to create stability.


Sometimes just introducing a lamp into a dull corner will give a feng shui lift to your living room. Having a variety of light allows you to change the mood in your room. Bright light is required for children playing or working, and also for rooms that get little natural light. You should also introduce softer lighting – uplighters in the corners or wall lights. I like to experiment with moving a lamp to another corner or onto a book case and am often surprised at the difference such a subtle change makes in the feel of the room.



Ideally, kitchens and bedrooms should be separate from the living room. If your living space is all in one, screen them off in some way or food will become too important and grazing habits will be encouraged. Likewise, socializing and resting might become confused.


In days gone by, the fireplace was the focal point of family life. These days fireplaces are less common. But, a coal or wood fire always makes a room feel welcoming and draws people to it.

Placing a mirror above the fireplace is a good feng shui living room tip to follow as a fireplace is an opening into the room and a mirror will prevent chi or energy from escaping up the chimney.

Place plants, which represent Wood energy, on either side of the fireplace. This will symbolically feed the fire and enhance its gathering qualities. You can also soften sharp edges of the mantelpiece with hanging plants.

Televisions And Electronic Equipment

Always arrange the seating so that the equipment is not the central focus of the room. Where the TV is the focus, communication will be sadly lacking.

Position stereos as far away from the seating as possible to avoid electromagnetic radiation.

A well-planned living room


Pictures And Objects

The images in your living room will reflect what you want to say about yourself…

If you live alone, use your living room to reflect your needs.

Gruesome images and spiky objects can reflect inner turmoil, whereas pictures of the seasons, bells and rainbows reflect inner peace.

Family photos could be displayed in this room. Images in family rooms should be harmonious, cheerful and pleasant. Guns, swords and other weapons have no place in a living room.

You can use one or more of these simple feng shui tips to de-stress your living room, change the energy and feel much more at home in this important space in your home.

Just make your everyday living better.

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