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Feng Shui Bedroom Color

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Friday 20 September, 2019.
Which feng shui bedroom color will give you the kind of space that supports your relationships, dreams, fantasies and relaxation needs?

When choosing colors for your bedroom, it is wise to remember the basic principle of feng shui which states that…

everything is energetically connected and always changing…

The purpose of feng shui is to help you create balanced and harmonious energies where you live and work, and align yourself with them. You must feel good with the feng shui bedroom color or colors that you choose.

How To Choose Feng Shui Bedroom Color

The secret to good bedroom design is being able to balance colours and lighting to achieve a settled environment, whether you want to enhance love, health or harmony.

The bedroom should be a relaxing place where you can unwind and rest. When picking bedroom colors, it is good to keep this in mind…

What colors are make you feel relaxed?

What colors feel like passion to you?

By choosing colors that fit these two activities, your bedroom will become more purposeful and full of your intentions.

You can apply feng shui bedroom colors very simply…

  • According to feng shui bedroom tips, warm colours reminiscent of skin tones are thought to be soothing, such as cream, beige, yellow, coral, tan or cocoa.
  • A bedroom is a romantic place, and a comfortable space in which to rest and restore energy. Yang colours like lilac, pink, blue and green are ideal. All these shades can add charisma and atmosphere. But too many cool colours, such as greys, blues or stark whites are believed to interfere with relaxation.
  • Orange is not suitable for bedrooms because it is too invigorating, and would make you feel over-active. Peach is also not an ideal bedroom color as it represents fleeting romance.
  • For a more positive romantic atmosphere, place some red candles in your bedroom.
  • An extra dash of plum or purple will bring passion as well class and majesty.
  • A balance of 50% warm skin tones and 50% cool blues, greens or lavenders is often suggested.


Feng Shui Color And Direction

The Chinese use color in its relationship to direction as reminders of the powerful forces according to feng shui philosophy. For example, a warrior often used red paint on his battle shield to ward off his enemies and remind himself of the mighty southern chi energy. Fire and passion were elements he required in order to defeat his enemies.

You can use feng shui bedroom color as a reminder of the feng shui elements. The main thing you need to be aware of is how the color makes you feel and how it works with your existing décor and color scheme. If the color enhances and enlivens your room, then it’s a good choice.

Have a look at feng shui bagua information for help with using color and direction in your decor.

Further Reading

Most good introductory feng shui books include a section on colours but these two are particularly good in that regard.

More Useful Information

Become your own feng shui expert and enjoy living better everyday!

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