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Feng Shui House Numbers

Sunday 15 September, 2019.

Feng Shui house numbers
 shows you how to work out the numerological significance of your house number, it’s spiritual power, and how it affects the energy of your home.

Essentially, numbers are symbols and, according to the art of numerology, each number has a spiritual essence and capacity.

Click here to find out how to calculate the numerology of your home.

Of course, there are many factors which influence the energy of your home but a house’s numerology is important.

I have great fun working out the feng shui house numbers significance of my friends’ homes and seeing if it relates to their experience whilst living in the home…

And sometimes it surprises even me how pertinent it is!

I assign a great deal of importance to how the numerology affects the energy of the home…

If you want to spend time alone working on a spiritual path, a home with a seven vibration will help. If you are having financial difficulties (and that applies to many of us these days), a home with an eight vibration is good!

Sometimes you might find that your feng shui house numbers just serendipitously add up and match your needs!

How To Understand Feng Shui House Numbers

Here is some general information to help you understand the particular numerology of your home…


Essence of One: independence; new beginnings; self-development; creativity; individuality; progress.

A home with ‘one’ energy is good if you want to embark on an individual creative venture. A ‘one’ house supports someone who wants follow their own instincts and express their individuality and originality. Strong emotions can sometimes be felt in this house. But the emotions will be healing and encourage creativity. A ‘one’ house will probably not be neat! If you have spent your life looking after others, then a move to a ‘one’ house will help you feel more assertive, independent and willing to take risks.

Challenges of a ‘one’ house include the risk of feeling alone and isolated. others might view you as selfish, but don’t worry – you are only isolating yourself so that you can make decisions that you know are right for you.


Essence of Two: a balance of yin and yang energy; surrender of self; putting others before yourself; dynamic attraction one to another.

A home with feng shui house numbers that give you a ‘two’ vibration is an excellent home for two people who are going to share living space as room-mates, lovers or husband and wife. A ‘two’ vibration is like lighting two candles from the same source – separate yet share the same light. People who share a ‘two’ house can feel very connected. If you live in a house with the feng shui numbers adding up to two, then you will be strongly tuned into the energies and feelings of those who share your home. You will have a strong desire for peace and harmony. You will find yourself being diplomatic and understanding the perspective of others.

In a ‘two’ home you can develop a sensitivity to the subtle energies of nature and music and even the auric fields of others… Gardens, music, art and magic all flourish in a ‘two’ home. You will feel gentle and harmonious. This is a good house to explore and develop your psychic and intuitive abilities. It is also an excellent house for a marriage or partnership to grow.

Challenges of a ‘two’ house… you may find yourself becoming oversensitive or too involved with the feelings of others. Should this happen, take time to be still and listen to your inner voice. Be careful not to exclude those who don’t live in your ‘two’ house.


Essence of Three: mind, body and spirit; expansion; expression; communication; fun; giving outwardly; openness; optimism.

A home with a ‘three’ energy is where you can feel positive about your life. It is also a home where you can communicate in your own unique style. This is a home where you can expand yourself with positive results.
It is a great house for parties and entertaining. ‘Three’ houses can be conducive to generating sexual/spiritual energy.

A move to a ‘three’ house can see your social life increasing. The power of the trinity is strong in this house and people relate to each other with warmth and love.

Challenges of a ‘three’ home can be that you expand too quickly and scatter your energy. You spread yourself too thin. Be careful about finances in a ‘three’ house as you may tend to enjoy now and pay later. Also be careful about being over optimistic. But, certainly, you should find yourself with less stress and more fun in a ‘three’ house.


Essence of Four: security; self-discipline through work and service; productivity; organization; unity.

A home with a ‘four’ vibration is stable and secure. Four represents four walls or secure boundaries, solid foundations and protection. A ‘four’ house encourages your practical, secure earth nature. Look for a ‘four’ house if you have been experiencing insecurity and uncertainty… A ‘four’ house is very grounded and it is here that you can find your roots and realize your dreams. A ‘four’ home energy supports steady employment and building foundations for the future. Often, those drawn to a ‘four’ house will be in a service profession such as nursing.

This is an excellent house for a group of people who are working together towards common goals. If you are interested in gardening and connecting with the earth energies, a ‘four’ house will suit you. You can ask for the assistance of the Four Elements – Fire, Air, Water, Earth – into this home.

Challenges of a ‘four’ home can be a feeling that it is all work, work, work! If this happens, take a day off and have fun. Also be careful of being stubborn and hoarding in a ‘four’ home.


Essence of Five: feeling free; active; physical; impulsive; energetic; adventurous; excitement; change.

Living in a home where the feng shui house numbers add up to ‘five’ will make you feel alive, vibrant and adventurous. If you are moving house and have been feeling stuck and stagnant, find a home with a ‘five’ energy. This is a good house to move into if you want to increase your communication skills.

A ‘five’ house is on the go all the time with lots of people in and out and lots of activity.. ‘Five’ energy lends itelf to mental stimulation, gathering information and experiences and then sharing it quickly… a good house for a journalist! A ‘five’ house will attract experiences from a variety of areas. It is a good house for romantic flings.

Challenges of a ‘five’ house include feeling as if your life is a whirlwind. Slow down! Also take care not to be too impulsive. Usually you can trust your instincts in a ‘five’ home but take a second breath if you have to make an important decision.


Essence of Six: compassion; love; beauty; service; self-harmony; caring; children; balance; community service; the Arts.

A home with a ‘six’ vibration is a center for harmony and balance. ‘Six’ is an excellent vibration to have for a family, especially with children in the home. When you live in a ‘six’ house you may feel inclined to offer community service and want to help others less fortunate than you. It is an excellent home for someone wanting to develop their artistic abilities. A counsellor who works from home in feng shui house numbers of ‘six’ will find it much easier to get to the point of the problem in a caring and compassionate way.

Family is all-important in this house and close relationships blossom. Beautifying your home and the surrounding area will feel important in a ‘six’ house.

Challenges of a ‘six’ home can be giving too much of yourself. Seek a balance between giving to others and taking care of your own needs. You may find yourself becoming reclusive in a ‘six’ house – it is very comfortable! If this happens, get out into the world every so often.


Essence of Seven: the inner life; mystical; wisdom, seven chakras; birth and rebirth; religious strength; sacred vows; spiritual ritual; path of solitude; analysis; contemplation.

A home with a ‘seven’ energy is a sanctuary for contemplation and solitude. Here you can analyze the past and the present and emphasize spiritual development. Feng shui house numbers with a ‘seven’ are perfect for someone who lives alone and wants to retreat and meditate. It can be difficult for more than one person to share a ‘seven’ house unless they compliment each others mood. This is an excellent home for a student or researcher as it lends itself to focused investigation. ‘Seven’ vibration aids intuition, dreams, visions, philosophical and metaphysical studies – helping you to find your path in life.

Challenges of a ‘seven’ vibration – this is not a home for those looking to advance in the material world. The energy is spiritual rather than worldly. If you want a relationship then a ‘seven’ home is not the best place to pursue it since you tend to be aloof and alone in a ‘seven’ house.


Essence of Eight: material prosperity; self-power; abundance; reward; authority; leadership; infinity; cosmic consciousness.

Feng shui house numbers that add up to an ‘eight’ vibration are abundance in all areas of life – lots of friends and family and material possessions. moving to an’ eight’ house will get the material side of your life moving. ‘Eight’ contributes to organizational and managerial skills and thus to material success. If you have been working too hard on your spiritual and emotional development and don’t seem to have it together in the material world, this is the home for you. Awards, recognition, and honours are all possible with an ‘eight’ vibration. ‘Eight’ is the energy of wholeness. Your relationships can develop in more than one aspect. You can command respect and equality.

Challenges of living in an ‘eight’ feng shui house numbers can see you becoming self-centered. You must be careful to consider the welfare of others and be wise with your finances.


Essence of Nine: selflessness; dedicating your life to others; completion and endings; release; universal compassion; tolerance; wisdom.

Feng shui house numbers that add up to nine is a home where your love and compassion for humanity expands. You give to others freely because you feel that you have been blessed.

A ‘nine’ vibration encourages the development of wisdom. And this wisdom gives you the ability to release the small things in life – you won’t take offence easily. You will find old friends and new people are drawn to you whilst living in a ‘nine’ energy house. This is a good house to live in to tie up loose ends in your life. here you can find your truth and practice living it.

Challenges of a ‘nine’ house might see you having so much interest and time in doing good for the greatest amount of people that you loose sight of the individual. Also, you might fail to see a particular aspect of yourself in your concern to grow the whole self. For example, you might think that watching “soapies” on television detracts from your spirituality but sometimes a part of you is asking for mindless relaxation now and then.

Often you have no choice in the home that you live in and the number just comes with it…

However, every vibration has it’s own beauty and will give you what you need at the time. Ask yourself, what is the energy of my present home? Where is my challenge? How can I learn from this?

Have Fun With Feng Shui House Numbers

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Source: Sacred Space by Denise Linn

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